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Burnt down dreams. Yet happiness had been, so near! But it turned into a terrible grief!

October 20, 2021       1306
Six months ago, a fire took away everything they had: newly renovated rooms, beautiful furniture, appliances and all their dreams ...
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Burnt down dreams.

  Yet happiness had been, so near! But it turned into a terrible grief!


"The rooms smell of fire and mother's tears."

Six months ago, a fire took away everything they had: newly renovated rooms, beautiful furniture, appliances and all their dreams ...

“The thing that hurts me the most is the piano and the guitar,” says 14-year-old Bidzina. He dreamed about these instruments for so long, begged his mother for so long, and finally his dream came true! He had his own room, a piano, a guitar, a uniform for Georgian dances hanging in the wardrobe. Diplomas flaunting on the bookshelves next to his favorite books. And then one spark turned everything into ash...

The family found themselves in the streets, and their beautiful house - their dream that came true, the dream they had been pursuing for several years - burned down in a few minutes. All their former life turned into a burning smell and charred walls... “And here was my bed! And here I was doing my homework,” - Kakhaber leads me through the ruins. He is only 13, and he no longer believes that his dream can come true for a second time. He dreamed of his own room since the age of two.

“And here we all sat down to dinner together. Mom baked such delicious kubdari. And now we don't even have a proper table. And we eat tastelessly,” - the younger Gegi says with annoyance.

In a few minutes, the Kakhberidze family lost everything. There are only bank loans and memories left.

“Sometimes I think that we also burned down along with our house. Nobody notices us! We're like ghosts. From morning till night, I knock on the officials' doors, but they do not see us, we are forgotten... I asked for old doors or windows so as not to freeze, but they didn’t hear me. But now, when the election campaign has begun, the agitators appeared immediately! "

- Zinaida what happened here?

Zinaida: Look around. We live in a house which burned down! It happened in February 2021. I will never forget this terrible day... The boys were in church at the service. They are altar boys - they help the priest. I was also with them, and my husband was at work. My brother-in-law called us and said that there was a fire in our house. When we came running, there was nothing left of it...

- Do you know what caused the fire?

Zinaida: They said that the wiring caught fire. We just finished renovating our house, probably the electricians did something wrong, I don't know. Lord, I will not tire of thanking You for taking us out of the house then! He saved us! If we were home then, perhaps, we would not have had time to get out - everything happened so quickly... I just no longer have tears, I can’t even cry. You can’t even imagine – every single thing in this house, every little thing was endowed with meaning and memories. I kept the first hairs, the first T-shirts of my sons... Everything there was created by my hands and by the hands of my husband, we put so many efforts into this house, so much love and warmth. So much money... 

  It's hard to imagine that people can live here. But they have nowhere else to go ... 

  - What was the state of your house before the fire?

  Zinaida: Have you heard anything about Sod's law? For several years we have been saving money for house renovations, we wanted our boys to have everything. They deserve all the best. They study perfectly well. The older one dances, the middle one is a promising sportsman, and the youngster is just the kindest person in the world. We took out a bank loan, renovated rooms, bought furniture and appliances. I'll show you pictures, oh, how happy we were! And this happiness remained only in the photo.

“This is the boys' room. How happy they were, poor things. "Finally, we will live good," they said "

  - Oh! Did you manage to save anything?

Zinaida: The only thing - my daughter’s photo. She died in infancy, and her photo means a lot to me. They rescued her photo like it was a real child - they went into a burning house!

"Our sister is the most beautiful"

  - Zinaida, what do you live on if you also have to pay off the loan?

Zinaida: The income of our family is 550 GEL of social allowance. My husband works as a lumberjack, I sometimes clean hotels, apartments. What else to do? You have to pay 750 GEL monthly to the bank for two years!

- Oh, really? Will you pay for the things that no longer exist?

Zinaida: Yes, and it hurts me to realize that. With this amount we bought building materials, a TV set, a washing machine, furnished the boys’ room, bought them computer, guitar, dancing and judo uniforms. Oh, we were so happy, but it lasted for just few weeks...  I didn't even have time to use everything. I begged the bank to slightly ease the payment terms or write off the debt, but people turn into robots when it comes to money. They have no compassion, no sympathy...

  Kakhaber (13-year-old): Do you know what I'm sorry about the most? It’s my room - it was so comfortable and beautiful. But at least I managed to save my uniform, although I cannot do sports now - we have no money for that. Let's go and I’ll show you what a great uniform I have.

“When I become an Olympic champion, I will look at this uniform and say: "What a fine fellow I was that I did not give up on sports" "

  - Wow, it’s beautiful! Could you please put it on? I want to see the future champion!

  Kakhaber: Not just a champion, but an Olympic one! As Bekauri! He is my idol! And I will become champion like him! Does it fit me? Tell me honestly!

“I am very proud of having Georgian flag on my chest!”

  - You are a cool guy! Probably the girls are crazy about you!

  Kakhaber: I don’t care about such matters! I am too young yet. I only love judo and mathematics. But my brother is fond of one girl!

“Sport is in the first place for me so far, and then the girls"

  Bidzina: You're in trouble!!! Don't listen to him!

  - Are you threatening your champion brother? Can you beat him?

Bidzina: I'm not going to fight him, but I think I can. I am strong too. To be honest, I don’t do sports, but I have been doing dancing for 9 years. I am strong as well. And I have lots of awards! And I can sing! That's what I am!

- You said that your dream burned down along with your house.

Bidzina: Eh, my guitar and piano. I have dreamed of them for so long. But no problem, I will soon build my farm, and we will repair our house again!

- Didn't your uniform burn down?

Bidzina: No, everything that was in the wardrobe survived. Our diplomas and drawings, our uniforms and some T-shirts. I see that you are interested. Would you like to see?

  - For sure!

“It's not as white as it used to be before the fire. And we haven’t got money to buy a new one yet "

  - You are a real Georgian chevalier! Very handsome!

Bidzina: Look how I looked like at the concert! Mom took a picture of me. I love dancing! I have a performance soon. But I don’t know exactly when. Will you come?

"Can one glorify Georgia with dancing as well?"

- Of course I will, how is it possible not to come and look at such a handsome man! Now tell me how you are going to look after the farm.

  Bidzina: Well, look, if I had a room to keep domestic animals, I could take care of 15 pigs. You need to get up early, at 7 o'clock, then feed them and let them go for a walk. And clean up the pigsty meanwhile. When they come back home, you need to feed them again. Before the fire, I had one pig, and she gave birth to 10 little piglets. You know how cute they were... But they died in the fire.

   - Why Gegi keeps quiet? Have you nothing to tell us?

  Gegi (11-year-old): I am hungry... Mom used to cook delicious food, but now she doesn't. And I need warm footwear.

Boys don't have normal shoes, they wear rags

Boys serve as the altar boys in the church. If it were not for their faith, maybe they would no longer be alive now... They would have been burned alive in their house

  - Zinaida, what do you need the most?

Zinaida: I have nothing to feel embarrassed of. Everyone knows about my situation. I'm not asking for myself, but for the children. They sleep on the floor. It's easier to list that we don't need because we lost everything in the fire. Since the government and local authorities have not helped us in any way, we only have hope for good people. Our neighbors collected some clothes for us - they helped as much as they could. But it’s embarrassing to ask them for help all the time.

  - I think that when we introduce your family to our readers, they will be eager to help you. I am sure! We will not leave such wonderful boys in trouble! Therefore, let us make it easier for our readers to do good deeds.

  Zinaida: First of all, we need building materials to somehow put in order at least one room. We also need food, computers for online classes. Yet we do not have the Internet and electricity, but we still can sort it out. We really need a washing machine, TV, refrigerator, furniture, appliances. Oh God, we need everything, any help will come in handy. I only hope for your kindness!

“The local authorities didn't even help me fix the door, and now they're knocking on it so that I vote for them!”


  Friends, the Kakhberidze family has lost everything. Their house, their belongings, everything they had acquired over years of hard work - everything was devoured by fire. They have absolutely nothing left. They were left without a roof over their heads with three young children in their arms, they live in a burned down house. For how long will the children breathe this smell? Until they start having health problems? They really need our support now!

The Kakhberidze family needs any help, even the most basic things, because they actually have to start their life from scratch. First of all, they need food, building materials, appliances, beds, chairs, refrigerator, TV and tablets for boys.

You can visit them and provide them all possible help. Their address is: Mestia, 42 Ushba Str.

Every time you can help someone, just do it and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!

Let’s show our mercy and make the children believe that miracles happen! They believe in us. Do not let our little compatriots down. Show them what generous people live in Georgia

  We are sure that all together we will manage to change their life.

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  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!

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