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November 3, 2021
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“Come to eat!” - these are the most terrible words in life for 8-year-old Gio and 3-year-old Gaby... The mouth starts to feel so disgusting that it immediately makes you sick... Oh, these damned noodles never end!
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“Come to eat!” - these are the most terrible words in life for 8-year-old Gio and 3-year-old Gaby... The mouth starts to feel so disgusting that it immediately makes you sick... Oh, these damned noodles never end!

We will never know why these kids are punished, but we can give them the opportunity to enjoy the treat, as our children rejoice when we call them to the table... Oh, how delicious it is!
 How deliciously a loving mother cooks... Let's start sending her foodstuffs... At least a little bit, at least for these little handsome men. But constantly... Little by little, but constantly! If each of us sends at least one little crumb from his table at least once a month, these children will become the happiest angels in the entire world! In the entire world, friends! And we’ll be proud of it for the rest of our lives.

If you don't eat, you'll be hungry. And after a few hours you still will have to eat it - These disgusting, terrible noodles. Because mom has got nothing else.

 Gio and Gaby frown in disgust and show me how tired they are – “Blecch”. Their mother Tatia never stops cooking noodles. She cannot tell her children that this is their only salvation, otherwise they are all finished. These two dull, damp rooms with stripped wallpaper for 300 GEL per month are also a big deal and a salvation from a homeless life. An empty, cold, uncomfortable house on the verge of winter, without a TV, gas stove, washing machine, water heater... The list is pretty long. House without anything! Two children in this house together with their mother are sentenced to hunger and cold, they have to survive. 

The wind shamelessly opens the wooden front door all the time, the stove is not lit - there is no firewood. You need to put on several sweaters and hug each other. Then you won't be so cold.

- Tatia, there is not much room here! How do the three of you fit in this tiny space?


- The children can cope somehow when they don’t stay at home all day long. Gio goes to school, so while my boy is there, he does not feel confined. Gaby was supposed to go to the kindergarten, but it’s quarantine there for now. Please sit down on this stool. Just be careful, there is a bucket behind you. And don't hit yourself against the pipe. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there is no other place to put it. Do not take off your jacket - you will freeze. The hardest time for us is when it’s cold. The children get tired of this tightness, they get nervous, and start whining. Gaby has caught a cold again and he is sniffling. This is not a house - it’s made of plywood. But you have to pay for it too.

- How much does this matchbox cost? Sorry, I can’t call it otherwise.


- Even these two terrible rooms - it seems that nothing could be worse - cost 300 GEL per month. The landlady takes pity on us - I am grateful to her - she does not charge us for utilities. I get only 400 GEL of social allowance and pay 300 GEL for rent - the rest 100 GEL is ours. It is terrible! I can do nothing.

Gio: “We eat twice a day. In the morning, and then at eight in the evening. We always do that. But Gaby is already like a hungry wolf. Look, he can't stand it anymore. It's not yet eight o'clock."

Ma’am, can you wait until 8 o'clock?

- Where do you sleep? There is only one small sofa here.


- Gabi and I sleep on a sofa. There is another room behind this door. Well, not really a room. Just a space to sleep. The door can be opened just halfway. Gio can crawl into there and lie on the bed. Just peep in there ...

– Oh, my God…


- Ma’am, but I'm slim and can easily get in there. Just look at me.

“You should get in turning sideways”- shows me Gio

“Well, I got through, and now I can turn around inside. But don't try to do the same - you will get stuck."

- True, true.

Tatia gets sad:

- Do you think he really does not understand how bad we live? He sees everything, he goes out, communicates with other children, compares. There is no point to hide the truth - I tell him only truth: I tell him that we are all alone (this is so, I raise two children after divorce, and I do not get alimony); that we have no money, and I do not yet know how to sort out our situation. When school started, our neighbors donated clothes for Gio. I don't even know which one is worse - when the school is off-line or online. When it is off-line - you need clothes, shoes; when it is online - you need the Internet and a phone (sighs). We are completely behind the times. Gio consoles me, but he often gets brooding and sad himself.

- Is there any opportunity for you to start working?


- I used to work in a factory where semi-finished food was produced. Khinkalis, pancakes. I would be happy to start a part-time work now. But my children need care. I'm studying with Gio. Gaby needs even more attention. How could they cope without me all day long? So, I’m not able to work yet.

- I see that you don’t feel comfortable talking about your personal life. You are in your right.

Tatia sighs:

- I still have painful memories of our marriage. I wanted to become a mother for an orphaned boy, my husband's son. But the child did not want to accept me. Childhood jealousy had switched on. He started throwing tantrums, crying, taking offense. God forgive me for telling you about this - but once my stepson tripped me up when I was pregnant, and I found myself in hospital bleeding. Probably no one can replace mom to anyone. Let's close this topic, please.

- Sure. Tatia, but what about alimony? You gave up, and that's it?


-  I get absolutely nothing. And it would be at least some help.

(Friends, perhaps someone of you is a lawyer and will help this unfortunate woman get alimony for her children? Alimony is paid not to the mother, but to the children, who were joyfully abandoned, like street dogs...)

- So, you only hope on yourself?


- I hope on myself, on God, and good people. God will not leave us, I know that. It happened many times when there was not a scrap of food anywhere. I was about to burst into tears of despair. I prayed so that nothing terrible will happen to us. And then a life-saving call sounds - my mom or my sister has collected some food for us. Whatever they could. Sometimes my neighbors share their lunch with us. But my brother seems to have written me out of his life. Why? Because my life didn't quite work out? It hurts me so much. How is it possible to act that way with your dear one? Is it possible at all? (She tries to hold back her tears).

I wait for her to calm down a bit.

- What did you dream about?


- I am so loaded with problems, so sad, as if I have lived half a century. I don't even remember the last time I laughed. There is a mess in my heart, I feel bad, and sad.

I really wanted to become an obstetrician–gynecologist. I think, this is the most interesting and amazing profession - to see how a new life is born. I know how to give shots and I treat my children myself when they get sick. I do not get lost - on the contrary, I get mobilized in case of emergency.

- Do you remember the days when your sons were born? These days are very special for any mom.


- Yes of course! My sons are my biggest pride, they are my life. Before my older son was born, I saw Saint George in my dream. So, I knew for sure what to name him. Gio was born on a hot September day - it was 15th. I remember the time on a clock: 12:50 and his first cry... (Smiles.) Before the birth of my younger son, I saw saints in my dream again. Holy Father St. Gabriel, Saint George, and Saint Nino. I remember how I talked to them. So, the name of my younger son was a destiny as well.

When Gabi was born, he had problems with his knees, they hurt a lot. He was not able to walk normally because of that. But they helped us a lot at Iashvili Hospital. With God’s help we overcame all hardships.

It does not matter what happens to us - I believe that my children are under the protection of these saints, and there will be salvation for us. But I still can’t stop getting anxious.

This baby is named after Saint Gabriel.

- I see. You have to keep sorting out your daily routine.


- I can’t feed my children, dress them, warm them, create normal living conditions for them. I can’t take them to extra curriculum classes. Gio draws very well.

This is how we live: I warm water for bathing for 40 minutes in a pan on a wood-burning stove. You bathe the child - and then you worry that he can catch a cold in a freezing room. I have almost no firewood, I don't light the stove to only warm up, I light it when there is a real need. I cook food for my children on a blue gas bottle. Well, “cooking” is a strong word. I boil noodles or potatoes. Every day the same. Children hate it. They almost start vomiting when they see pasta and noodles. I feel like a torturer.

I have fears, terrible thoughts. I live in anticipation of something very bad.

This is not a house but a matchbox. It’s hard to find comfort here.

You won't find such an ancient sink even at a flea market.

 Tatia prepares food on a gas cylinder, squatting next to it, as they did in the 90s.

I tried to get enrolled in a social canteen. I have come there many times - but they are full up. You must be lucky even for that. Do you think that everyone gets enrolled? Then they found one place for me, but not in my area - in Gldani. But you have to get there somehow, you need money for transportation. For me every penny counts - but who cares? I applied to the town hall to get help in paying rent. No reply from them. (She turns to the side to hide tears that are about to run down her face, she squeezes one hand with the other).

- Our conversation upsets you a lot, but that's not what we want at all. Let’s do the following, I will talk to your children.  And meanwhile you try to calm down. Don’t worry, our readers will certainly help you.

- Gio, how is your school doing after your absence?


- Sandro keeps being spoiled, and Giorgi is quiet. These are my friends. Some children grew up. What was going on today? At the sports lesson we went outside and played dodgeball. Boys versus girls. We won, of course. I did not do anything wrong today and they did not scold me.

- Well, do you usually do something wrong?


- Sometimes. It’s good when school is not online. Because I was staying home alone and did not see other children. They saw each other, but I did not. I don’t want to study online - I don’t have a phone or Internet.

- Your mom said you draw well.


- I used to draw.

- Oh, please! The adults say this way: “I used to...” Children never say that.


- I used to. How can’t you understand that ma’am? I used to draw when I had pencils and sketchbook. And then only eraser was left. So, I can’t draw.

Drawings from an old sketchbook that ended

Gio: “This is a funny chick - it loves to eat deliciously and also hates vermicelli (laughs). It eats a lot - not twice a day."

- Oh, that was a point! Sorry, dear! I did not understand that. So, you need a phone, computer, and stationery for drawing.


- Why are you asking me that, ma’am? Do you want to bring that to me?

I hear Gabriel’s voice:

- What is she going to bring? What Gio said? I also want it, Mommy!

- Gio, we’ll tell our readers, and they will bring you gifts.


- I also want a skateboard, please tell them! It’s so cool! I can ride it sitting. My friends gave it to me. But I still can’t ride it standing for long. Sometimes I manage to. If I have one, I will learn to ride it.

Gabriel cries:

- Gio still talks, and they don’t call me.

 Gio: “Our Gabi loves to cry”.

- Come here, dear. Tell me what you want.


Oh Gaby, what a fear-monger you are. Can’t you wait for a couple of minutes?


- I want a strawberry cake!

- Not a pastry, but a big cake, right?


- Yes! I’ll eat it all!


- When I do my homework, Gabi remembers everything by heart too. Come on, Gabi, say. Chito. Chito, natsara... Come on!


- ჩიტო, ჩიტო ნაცარა,

ვის  უგალობ, ვისა?

შენ გიგალობ, პატარავ,

დილა მშვიდობისა!

- Well done! What a smart boy!


- Gabi, say “red” in English.




- And “black”?


- Black.


- Good morning.


Gud monin (Looks at mom.)  I also want a big gun and little cars.

Tatia calmed down (she brings her son to chest):

- Ma’am, he’s a good boy. Do you see how much he knows? Bring him toys. … If it only were possible to enroll Gio to an English or drawing class! It’s a pity to give up. Or to European dances - that’s what Gio wants. He saw it on TV in the village. I would be happy to take him somewhere nearby by walk. To distract him somehow from this wretchedness.

 Gio squeezed into the room that serves as a bedroom and began to study English.

He reads aloud to memorize better (I spied this through a narrow doorway) 

But Gaby soon disrupts his privacy.

Fights on the bed, and then hugs - so far, this is the best way to keep warm.

- It’s time to cheer you up. What can we do to make your everyday life easier?


- Will it happen to me as well? Nobody gave me gifts in my entire life! God bless you! It is so hard to live without a water heater, without a washing machine, without a gas heater. I worry how my children will overcome the winter. Gio’s bronchi are quite weak. He didn’t have asthma attacks for a long time. But you should be careful. He should avoid dampness.

We have nothing at all. Neither TV, nor fridge. Probably, you are shocked by us, by the way we live. It is what it is. You can’t call this life, of course. We have neither food nor warm clothes. But we manage to hold on. God is merciful, he will not let us die. And you won’t either. I believe in you – please help us!


This little family found themselves in trouble. Gio, Gabi and Tatia are completely alone held at gunpoint by winter, hunger and cold. They can break down while officials are lazily looking for a place for them in the social canteen and can’t find it. We don’t even have time to think. We have to hurry not letting something terrible to happen. These wonderful children don’t even know in what danger they are. Only mom knows that, and she seems to be lost. But she has hope. We are her hope!

You can visit them in person: Tbilisi, 2B Gudamakari Str.

Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you! 

  Let’s show our mercy and make the children believe that miracles happen! They believe in us. Do not let our little compatriots down. Show them what generous people live in Georgia

  We are sure that all together we will manage to change their life.

  Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of your neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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(Purpose: the Gabunia family)

  You can also transfer money from our website.

It is also possible to transfer money from TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section (You can read moreabout rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link

  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

  We have good news for you - now you can read the stories of our beneficiaries on



Even if you dial once 0901200270,

it might save someone's life. God bless you!

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