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Happiness is to have a house, dumplings, and a bit of a bike!

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November 15, 2021
Maybe happiness for you is something immeasurable, indescribable, unattainable. It is sometimes so difficult for us to explain simple things in words. But little eight-year-old Demuri knows exactly what happiness is. This is a house, dumplings, and a bike! He has only one and very simple dream - to live like other children do.
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ლია გლუნჩაძე
3 days ago
$ 1.6
ანდრო თავართქილაძე
4 days ago
$ 0.64
ანა ჯაფარიძე
4 days ago
$ 0.96
5 days ago
$ 32.04
არჩვაძე მარიამ
5 days ago
$ 1.6
5 days ago
$ 22.43

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