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Only rats come here - people do not need us

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February 24, 2022
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The Kravchenko family lives in a nightmare! Atrophy and glaucoma took away the sight of Koba, the father of the family. Irina, his wife, lost two babies and has been grieving for them ever since. But the main pain of parents is two adult children who suffer from cerebral palsy! 20-year-old Diana has autism in addition to cerebral palsy. She can hardly walk. She was operated on her legs twice and she needs to be operated for the third time. The state of Diana's brother - 13-year-old Igor - is even worse. He can’t walk. He entirely depends on his mom and dad.
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Only rats come here - people do not need us


“The stone floor is very cold, and the only footwear they have are slippers”

Lord how is it possible that so many misfortunes befell one family?! Is it really possible that someone can pass by indifferently, without taking the grief of these people to heart after that?!

The Kravchenko family lives in a nightmare! Atrophy and glaucoma took away the sight of Koba, the father of the family. Irina, his wife, lost two babies and has been grieving for them ever since. But the main pain of parents is two adult children who suffer from cerebral palsy! 20-year-old Diana has autism in addition to cerebral palsy. She can hardly walk. She was operated on her legs twice and she needs to be operated for the third time. The state of Diana's brother - 13-year-old Igor - is even worse. He can’t walk. He entirely depends on his mom and dad.

But their parents can’t help them. They need to be saved themselves.  They do not know how to get diapers, medications, food, clothes, money for transport to take Igor for massage sessions. They only cry from impotence, because they can't do anything else.

A relative gave them the hut where they live - otherwise the street would have quickly finished them off - they would have been lost without a trace and died. Two terrible, primitive rooms with nothing - this is a bedroom, and a living room, and a kitchen, and a bathroom. A damaged TV serves as a home appliance, and a broken gas stove - as a chest of drawers. There are plastic basins for bathing by the wood-burning stove, where they cook dinner when there is anything to cook. And if it rains or snows, then these basins serve for gathering water from the streams that pour from the roof! Their roof can be hardly called a roof. There are dozens of holes and cracks in the walls all around. Mice and cockroaches visit the unfortunate family more often than people do.

No one communicates with Diana and Igor. No one even comes close. They are the only friends to each other

- Koba, the poverty you live in is so striking that there is no need to ask questions. But I will still ask - how did you find yourself in such situation? Tell us about your misfortune.

Koba (father of Diana and Igor): You noticed that. Not only do people sympathize with us, but even the rats when they leave our house empty-handed. They can’t even find crumbs to eat. We are very afraid of them, my wife does not sleep at night, so that hungry rodents do not bite our sick children. Our life was very hard. We can say that we have never lived well. Problems, illnesses, death, misfortune always surrounded us... Even our childhood was terrible. And now my children are in a terrible situation. Do you see in what state my little, warm, and sweet boy is? He can't even walk.

“My sweet Igor is the best boy in the world. You are my angel, son”

He needs massages, medications, diapers. He had several massage sessions. My wife collects either bottles or scrap metal - this is the only way we can get money for transportation. The state pays for these massages, but you have to get there yourself.

Irina’s condition is very hard too, she can't put any stress on herself. Briefly - everyone in our family needs care. Before I went blind, I worked as a loader at a construction site. But a misfortune happened. A piece of iron fell on my head, and I spent a long time in the hospital. Because of this, I even tried to disappear, I did not communicate with anyone. I did not want to become a burden for my poor family. But my wife found me and brought me back home. And now I am blind... I look at the bulb and I only see some kind of flashing light. I don’t know what to talk about other than problems and diseases... (Tears flow from Koba’s eyes.)

Broken gas stove serves as furniture

“This is how we patch the ceiling. But for how long? When it rains, you can walk around the house only with an umbrella... "

You can hardly call this shanty a home. It protects you from nothing.

- Irina, what is the diagnosis of your children?

Irina (Mother of Diana and Igor) Diana has cerebral palsy and autism, and Igor has severe cerebral palsy. When we brought Diana home from the hospital, she seemed to be a normal child, but then we noticed some problems, and she was given this diagnosis. At first, she walked on tiptoes like a ballerina, and then it became very difficult for her to walk. She was operated on twice and she seemed to be getting better. But it is still hard for her to walk. She urgently needs to be operated on for the third time. Of course, we don't have money for this.

What is the use of poor and sick parents like us? I feel so unhappy when I see that I cannot help my children in any way! (Cries) The state does not finance it, because Diana is already an adult. And Igor - you see, he can’t even talk. (Cries again) You, probably, don’t know about my misfortune - I lost two children. One was three months old, it happened 21 years ago, and the second one was seven months old, it happened recently. It's hard for me to talk about it...

(I take her hand trying to console Irina somehow).

- Koba, you said you had a hard childhood. What did you mean?

Koba: Both my wife and I grew up in unhappy families. Here in Zugdidi, there are barracks, that used to belong to the cleaning service. We lived there. Our parents drank heavily. Since then, my wife and I can't stand drunkards. A situation in this village was so bad that any normal teenager would dream of running away and being saved... Imagine, our best memories are related to our boarding school. We felt best with our teachers, and not at home. Our education is 4-5 grades, that’s it. The life taught us the rest - our parents were unable to give us anything. When Irina grew up (I'm 5 years older than her), together we decided to get rid of this nightmare and got married.

But we have not begun to live better - problems and misfortunes are stuck to us. It is so difficult to start from scratch in Georgia. We don't have education. What could such unfortunate people like us do?!

“How have I not lost my mind after so many misfortunes…?”

  - Do you have relatives? Do they help you in any way?

Irina: What relatives are you talking about? No one needs me. No one helps me. Koba has a cousin, whom he considers to be his sister. She is a very good person. We are very grateful to her - she gave us this house. If not for her, we would have found ourselves in the street. That’s it.

Koba: I grew up in a large family, but I have almost no one left... I have had a lot of pain in my soul since childhood. My little brother and sister had an accident. They were crossing the road… It was the fault of the driver – he killed two children… Oh Lord, how many things I can recall. If I tell you, your heart will be heavy. But I can’t recall anything good...

Irina: Me too... I buried my two Angels. What could be worse? But I still have children, and I have to live for their sake. We try to pull ourselves together, not to show gloomy faces to Diana and Igor. They are so helpless - they need our help... (Cries.)

– Do you believe in God and in good strangers who do good selflessly?

Koba: Only faith will help us. I believe in God! (He takes out a cross from under his shirt and kisses it.) And I believe in the miracles that God does. I will tell you one story. Once they presented us two little ducklings. It was difficult for us to feed them, but we somehow got out by giving them leftovers found in the garbage. It was a cold evening and we didn't even have bread. Both the children and we were hungry. At this time, a neighbor called us and gave us stale bread to feed the ducklings. We were so happy! What ducklings?! We fed our kids...

“I have nothing to hide from you - here is our dinner for today ...”

Irina: How can I not believe in human kindness? There is another merciful woman - Salome Patsatsia. She helps us whenever she can. She gives us food and clothes. If not for her, our children would go barefoot and naked.

- Why did you address our Fund?

Irina: I have heard a lot of good things about your Fund. I believe you can protect us. You have many good friends. I hope for the help of such strangers. May the Lord bless those who help the poor and unfortunate. Sometimes even incognito. Help me find new friends. I want them to come visit us. I will open my heart. I will not load you with my sadness and grief, I promise, I just need support. If only I could help others.

- What do you need for your home? What is your permanent concern?

Koba: Medications, diapers for Igor, clothes. Diana has no shoes. I'm so ashamed, but I have to say this: is there anything that we have?

Irina: We have no TV, no gas stove, no fridge, no washing machine, nothing to put in the fridge. (Tries to be funny.) Diana needs a mobile phone so that she can at least learn something new. She went to school for only six years.

“Mom, don't go anywhere." Diana answered questions, clinging to her mother

- Can I ask her myself?

Irina: Sure! Diana answer to aunty.

- Diana, what present do you want us to give you?

Diana: Pencils, paper. And...

- Felt pens? Paints?

Diana: Yes. I want it very much!

Picture of 20-year-old Diana

Diana has no real friends, only drawn ones.

- Anything else?

Diana: Phone. (She blows me a kiss).

Diana is the best artist for her dad and mom

Koba: Dianochka loves drawing. She locks up and draws all the time. These are not scribbles. My daughter has her own world. Children with autism are like that. They see everything in their own way. I don't see what she draws. But I know that my daughter draws beautifully. My dove.

– I really like your drawings, Diana.

(She keeps silent, looks at her dad.)

- Koba, do the local authorities help you in any way?

Koba: Yes. Our son is paid 200 GEL monthly, as a minor with cerebral palsy. And our daughter no longer gets this help, because she is an adult. If only you knew how we always wait for this money. They give us 25 GEL for firewood.  It is not much, but it is still better than nothing, thanks to them for that. Of course, we need much more firewood. We heat the room with a stove and cook food there.

We've run out of wood, so we'll have to endure the cold

– Irina, you can address people who will read this post and decide to help you.

Irina: Save me brothers and sisters! Take our misfortunes to heart. Help my kids, don't leave them hungry and cold. I beg you, for God's sake! I love you very much and I really hope for you! Thank you for reading and helping people in need.


Friends, this story makes my heart cry! Suffering and misfortune are haunting Koba and Irina. Not a day goes by without tears and pain. Thank the Lord that your life is not that tragic, appreciate and rejoice in what you have. Let's help this family, which has almost lost its last strength. Let us heal their wounded souls with our care and love. We are the only hope for their anguished hearts.

You can visit them and provide them all possible help at: Zugdidi, David Jikia, Second lane, building 6 (behind the church).

 Every time you can help someone, just do it and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!

Let’s show our mercy and make them believe that miracles happen, that they can live in a warm and cozy home and have a lot of food! They believe in us. Don’t let them down. Show them what generous people live in Georgia

We are sure that all together we will manage to give them unforgettable moments.

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!

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Even if you dial once this special number, it might save someone's life: 0901 200 270! God bless you!

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