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When I weep from grief, I turn the music on loudly so that my children do not hear my crying…

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April 8, 2022
No matter how hard their mom tries to explain to them that happiness is not only in material well-being, that a man does not live by bread alone, three-year-old Nia, five-year-old Nika and ten-year-old Roma no longer believe in these stories.
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When I weep from grief, I turn the music on loudly so that my children do not hear my crying…


The smell of food coming from neighboring houses tastes better than food cooked at home. They saw toys only from their friends, they know cartoons and movies only from the stories of their mother.

Happy children cannot live in such house, no matter how hard their mother tries to “make them happy”

No matter how hard their mom tries to explain to them that happiness is not only in material well-being, that a man does not live by bread alone, three-year-old Nia, five-year-old Nika and ten-year-old Roma no longer believe in these stories.

That's all the furniture. Two beds for five people. Mom with little children sleeps on one bed, and dad and eldest son sleep on the other.

What kind of happiness can we talk about when the family does not even have a table? No chairs, nothing. It blows from the windows, it drips from the roof, and you can’t close the doors properly

The social allowance of 500 lari is only enough for food. They simply cannot buy clothes, shoes, toys or other things that the family needs.

  Roma (10-year-old): When I am very sad, my mother says: “Bring home your friends, have a chat…” But how can I invite them? We don't even have chairs to sit on.

  Nika (5-year-old): “When I'm sad, my mother turns on the music, and we dance and sing together. And I immediately cease to be sad. Mom knows how to make us laugh”

  Roma: Do you remember how she once laid and said that she was a sleeping princess? We laughed, and then they took her to the hospital.

  Iza: Yes, it happened once. Two years ago, I had serious problems. Well, not that serious - I didn't die. My heart could not stand a constantly anxious state from the constant stress. When you don’t know what to feed your children, you don’t know when the wall will collapse, when there is nowhere to wait for help, let alone the heart - everything can get sick. Sometimes I'm afraid that one morning I just won't wake up.

“May my mom never get sick, because she is beautiful like a flower”

- And your children said that you are very cheerful, that you make them laugh, dance with them.

Iza: Yes. So that they do not notice my tears and do not hear my crying, I turn on the music to the fullest and dance with them. And when they get distracted, I go into another room and cry. Do you know how hard it is when your child asks you: “Why do we always have the same food? And why such delicious smells come from our neighbors, but it never smells delicious in our house?” What to answer them? How to comfort them? I do not know.

Nia checks the refrigerator several times a day - what if something appears there...

  - Is the social allowance your only income?

  Iza: Yes, 500 GEL. Sometimes they call my husband for part-time work. He is a handyman. But no matter how much he earns, all the same - all the money goes to food. We cannot buy furniture or appliances. We don't even dream about it. We have a refrigerator, but it is empty, and I don’t even turn it on so as not to waste electricity. The children's clothes are also all old, patched. But clean. Children know that it is better not to eat than to leave the house dirty and ugly dressed!

“We are poor, not stinky… And we smell clean”

  Roma: Yes, my mother washes our clothes so that I sometimes think that she wants to powder them! She rubs, and rubs, and rubs! It would be cool if we had new clothes!

- What would also be cool to you?

  Roma: I have never asked anybody for anything.

- Just tell me, what are you dreaming about? Look into your heart and tell me.

  Roma: I need a computer. I had to miss classes at school, and because of this I could not learn a lot of things. I really need a computer or tablet. But... I don't even have anywhere to put it on. Can I have a table too? And a chair? Can’t I?

“Roma is shy, he doesn't like to talk a lot.
 At every trifle tears come to his eyes. He wants to live like other children."

  - You can have everything for sure. What about bicycle?

Roma: No, the toys are for Nicky and Niako. Nia doesn't even have a doll! I can't ask for so much for myself.

Nia (3-year-old): “Yes! Nia wants a doll with hair like mine! A beautiful doll”

Nika (5-year-old): “Nika does not want a doll, Nika wants a car, blocks, and coloring books. And plenty of delicious khachapuri! That’s what Nika wants”

- I think you will have all this. And now let's ask mom, maybe she wants a doll too?

  Nia: No-o-o. (Chuckles.) She wants a red and blue block. We will build a house and put the doll to sleep there.

  Nika: And she doesn't want a car either! Mom, do you want a bike?

  Nia: Candies?

  Nika: Lots of khachapuri?

  Nia: Bed?

Mom's only dream is to make delicious food for her children

“Look at my pot. When I have doll, I will cook soup here”

  Iza: We really need beds. And food. Do you know what I dream about? Now I imagined how the whole family is sitting at the table and watches TV. There is a delicious lunch on the table - some meat dish. I would bake khachapuri, and we would be all together... Oh, how beautiful, how nice it is. I even warmed at this thought.

  Nika: Yes! There is a lot of meat on the table!Do you want to see something scary? Come on, I'll show you something! Just stay here, close your eyes, and then look up when we call you. 

“Hi, here we are! Do you also have such a hole in your house?”



  Such simple dreams can make a person happy. Can you imagine that? What is familiar and accessible to us every day may be a pipe dream for someone for many years.

A table, chairs, beds, clothes, and food - this is a mother's dream. And the kids need a computer, toys and delicious sweets.

If anyone is willing to visit and help them in person, here is their address: Zestafoni municipality, village Puti.

Every time you can help someone, just do it and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you! 

We are sure that all together we will manage to save them from imminent death!

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: office-fsp@fsp.ge.

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