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There was one wedding, and fourteen deaths after that

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April 28, 2022
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Levan went to the wedding to Lanchkhuti. He was young, and handsome, and cheerful. He was a second-year university student - 18 years old. When else one is so eager to enjoy life? And then at night, acquaintances came to his mother Olya: “Olya, don’t worry now, we must tell you something. Levan…” – “Oh, what are these people saying! Shut up, shut up! It's not true, no way! Are you trying to kill me?! What happened to her Levan? Where to go, why?!
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There was one wedding, and fourteen deaths after that 


Two people survived in that terrible accident - Levan and one woman

Levan went to the wedding to Lanchkhuti. He was young, and handsome, and cheerful. He was a second-year university student - 18 years old. When else one is so eager to enjoy life? And then at night, acquaintances came to his mother Olya: “Olya, don’t worry now, we must tell you something. Levan…” – “Oh, what are these people saying!  Shut up, shut up! It's not true, no way! Are you trying to kill me?! What happened to her Levan? Where to go, why?!

A trailer, an accident, a hospital... Olya listened to everything and did everything like a robot. She turned into a "piece of wood” to survive. "Piece of wood” could still listen to the doctor, who said that her son had lost half of his brain, but mother Olya would never be able to.  Never ever!!!

Levan is alive. He is not a student. He doesn't play football anymore. He doesn't date pretty girls. He is again a little boy who loves cartoons, is spoon-fed, wears diapers. And he constantly needs help.

Photo from another life, where everything was fine. Levan is a student

- Olya, I know it hurts you to recall, but please, tell me about your tragedy.

Olya: That Olya, who was before, “died”. I have been “dead” for a long time, my dear… They had a good time at the wedding and were coming back home. They were happy and cheerful, a minibus full of people. The driver did not notice the trailer in the dark and crashed into it at full speed. Almost everyone died straight away. The driver lived for two more days and then... Fourteen people died. Only Levan and one woman survived. She got out of the overturned minibus and stood swaying on the road. So, everyone learned about this disaster, they even showed it on TV - urgent release. And I didn't watch TV. Friends knocked on my door.

Levan hit his head. He had a severe internal hemorrhage. By the time I got to Gori, they already operated him on once. On the same night, they took him by mobile resuscitation vehicle to the Gudushauri clinic (there was no computed tomography in Gori) and operated him on again. They cleaned his skull from blood. His brain was smashed, they removed half of it.

- Oh, my God, Olya…

Olya: You are also sorry for my Levan, you are crying. My girl, this is how I cry every day for 19 years - when I lift him and drag him, when I roll him in his wheelchair. If it wasn't for that damned day...

Levan's record book. There is a lump in my throat. Faculty of Economics, Tax and Customs Department. It didn't come true...

Levan lay in a coma for 23 days. He only had a heartbeat. They took him off life support to see if he could get by without it. And he suddenly began to breathe on his own. The Lord saved him. The Lord has worked a miracle!

 He was 23 days in a coma. No one knew if he would survive or not. The Lord has worked a miracle!

I sold a three-room apartment, this house where we live now belongs to my sister.  Levan and I have one room here. He sleeps on the bed, and I sleep on the floor next to him. I sold my house, and still needed money for treatment - 26 thousand lari for six months spent in the hospital - get them wherever you want.

At that time, they brought young athletes to the hospital - they were also badly injured. Sandra Roelofs came to visit them; the state financed their treatment. And the doctors told me: “Go ask Sandra, she is a good woman.” And I went up to her and asked for my Levan. (She swallows tears, breaks off.) They really did not charge us.

 Scars left after surgery.

I met many good people after the tragedy that happened to my son. I will never forget how much your Fund helped me, I will never forget that sympathy you treated us. You gave me food, medications, a bed for Levan. You all feel my pain, thank you!

One rich girl, after being discharged from the hospital, gave Levan her TV set. Doctors advised us to turn on a player or TV for Levan so that his memory would recover faster. He didn't react to anything.

- Does Levan realize what happened to him? Did he remember anything?

Olya: No. I tell him that he was hit by a car when he was crossing the road at Rustaveli.

- What can he do now?

Olya: He says when he is hungry. But he never says he wants to the toilet - even when his diaper is full, he has no reaction. He can't walk - he needs rehabilitation. He understands some things and some he doesn't. He remembered how to play cards, and he can even beat me at “Durak”.  Sometimes he plays around - he hides slippers or other things and smiles, wants me to find it.

Sometimes he surprises me a lot. He can say where he studied before, where he lived. Recently, I started noticing tears in his eyes, as if something had come to life in him. It happens to him when he looks at his wheelchair, when I show him his old photos where he is a student, where he is in a football uniform. (Sighs from the bottom of her heart.)

Levan remembers how to play cards

- Do your relatives help you?

Olya: My sister-in-law helps us in any way she can. Sometimes she gives us 10 lari, sometimes - 20. Any help is important to me. Levan needs diapers all the time, this is a big problem. Epilepsy drugs are very expensive. He needs psychotropic medications.

He also has constant seizures due to the fluid that is collected in his head. You should stop seizures with diazepam. And cysts in his head are treated with medications.

Levan perks up at the sight of an old university newspaper. Something moves in his memory, causes a smile

– What kind of food does Levan ask for that you cannot give him?

Olya: He wants raspberry yogurt, lobiani, pancakes. Ice cream. He has always had a sweet tooth. And I give him lunch from the social canteen. I add spices and herbs there so that it is not completely tasteless. He snores and doesn't eat that.

Levan cannot eat or drink on his own. His mother takes care of him as if he was a baby.

His teeth and gums are in terrible condition. But Levan may not be able to endure visiting dentist due to epilepsy.

- Is there any tangible assistance from the state?

Olya: Well, once every three months he gets medications worth 120 lari from the mayor's office. We get social allowance as well - 100 GEL. For the rest, we must get out ourselves. What can I do with my pension? What can I buy him? How to put him on his feet?

Only in France, they can put him on his feet, teach him to walk again. This is my dream, there is no other. Everything disappeared that day. The dream that he will graduate from university, create a family, that he will be happy, like his father and I were happy - just disappeared. All my and Levan's life was gone that day. (Weeps out loud.)

What can I do? Look at me. I'm a human wreck now. Back, heart, blood sugar ... My head fails. I also had amnesia when this happened to my son. From shock, from fear, from stress ...

It is good that my husband does not see this, rest him in peace. He doesn't see what happened to our son.

Now Olya dreams of only one thing - to take her son to France, where they can put him on his feet.

- What would you say to God if you could talk to him?

Olya: I talk to him every day in my soul. I ask for peace in the world. So that mothers do not have to suffer because of their children. (Her voice trembles.) So that mothers do not see the torment of their children. It hurts a lot, Lord, when your child is sick, and you can do nothing to help him.

- Olya, do Levan's friends remember him, do they visit him?

Olya: Yes. They are good guys. They come when they can. They take him out for a walk in a wheelchair. You must take seven steps to get to our yard. It's hard to do it with a wheelchair, you need strength.

Levan's wheelchair has become small to him a long ago and it is broken as well. Friends gave it to him - I don’t even remember when. If you make notes about what we need, this is first of all, please, I beg you. And, if possible, please change our old TV. It is important for my son to make his brain work.

Because of these steps and a broken wheelchair, Levan is locked in four walls.

So I want it to be spring for Levan too!

- All right, Olya. Can I talk to Levan, please?

Olya: My girl, please, do not mention the accident.

- I promise you.

(Levan often has insomnia at night, and Olya puts him to sleep during the day. He woke up, and Olya put him into the wheelchair with lots of efforts.)

Please, just live, son! Mom will give everything for you: her health, and heart, and life, and blood

- Hello, Levan. How are you?

Levan: My head hurts right here.

- What will you do now?

Levan: We will play cards. (Points to me.)

- But you will defeat me.

(Laughs, rejoices.)

- What do you like to watch the most on TV?

Levan: "Tom and Jerry". Turn on Tom and Jerry.

- What is the most delicious food to you?

Levan: "Snickers". I don't want to eat lunch. Let's play.


It is impossible to listen to the story of Levan without tears, the heart is crying and grieving! Mother's grief will always be with her, every moment of her earthly life. We can only free her from everyday problems. And this will also be a great help for the poor, grief-stricken mother.

Levan constantly needs diapers, medications, food. He needs a normal wheelchair of his size, to walk in the street, to see the world but not only his yard. Levan needs a TV so that he gets at least a little joy.

Let's do our best for this boy who never saw life...

You can visit the Sogomonov family in person. Levan is very happy when he sees the guests. Here is the family's address: Tbilisi, 57 Nine Brothers Street.

Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!

Let’s show our mercy and make them believe that miracles happen, that they can live in a warm and cozy home and have a lot of food! They believe in us. Don’t let them down. Show them what generous people live in Georgia

We are sure that all together we will manage to give them unforgettable moments.

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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(purpose: The Sogomonovi family).

You can also transfer money from our website.

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We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!

We have good news for you - now you can read the stories of our beneficiaries on Instagram: and Telegram:

Even if you dial once this special number, it might save someone's life: 0901200270! God bless you!

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