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When I am hungry, I press my hand to my tummy so that it does not hurt much.

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May 28, 2022
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“Beautiful dolls are for rich kids, and they have a bike too! If they want - they will lend it to you and if they don't want - they won’t! - 5-year-old Natalie says. Mom says we are poor. Often, we don't even have food. And I dream of a bicycle!” “I close my eyes and imagine that instead of soup from a social canteen, I’m eating delicious food - food I want to eat!” says ten-year-old Mariam.
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შალვა თუმანიშვილი
a day ago
$ 1.56
გიორგი ზატუაშვილი
a day ago
$ 1.56
თეა ჩილინგარაშვილი
2 days ago
$ 1.56
გვაზავა ვლადიმერი
3 days ago
$ 3.12
გაბინაშვილი მაია
4 days ago
$ 3.12
თამარი მაჩიტიძე
7 days ago
$ 1.56

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