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My son hanged himself, my daughter-in-law died. And I have to suffer, but live for the sake of two orphans

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June 9, 2022
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“Bebika, did you bring me something?” - "And what about me?" Four arms hug Irina by the neck. Bebika (they affectionately call grandmothers like that in Georgia. - Ed.) brought two chocolates. Hungry month awaits Bebika: she will gather sorrel in the forest, make nettle soup. But her kittens - Maiko and Niniko - will not be left without sweets.
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My son hanged himself, my daughter-in-law died. And I have to suffer, but live for the sake of two orphans




Irina lives in a dangerous house that could collapse and kill her at any moment.

“Bebika, did you bring me something?” - "And what about me?" Four arms hug Irina by the neck. Bebika (they affectionately call grandmothers like that in Georgia. - Ed.) brought two chocolates. Hungry month awaits Bebika: she will gather sorrel in the forest, make nettle soup. But her kittens - Maiko and Niniko - will not be left without sweets.

Who else should they ask for candy? Mom and dad will not bring them anything - they are in heaven. Their dad made a "swing" with a rope, and when he rode, he went to God. Their mom did not want to leave dad alone and went to hug him. This is how children imagine the death of their both parents.

Two years ago, Irina's son, Sergei, unexpectedly hanged himself. And just six months ago, Marika, her daughter-in-law died of covid.

Bebika hides her pain inside. Once upon a time in a boarding school, she was taught that if she showed pain, they would hit her there. And they hit her, they hit her a lot. That's why she doesn't show. She looks big and strong. But she perishes in a house destroyed by an earthquake, which somehow keeps standing on the edge of the slope. She goes hungry for months but brings candy to her granddaughters. She sleeps almost under the open sky. Every passer-by sees how she dies. In front of everyone...

- Irina, do you live here alone?

Irina: Thank God, alone. If something happens and the house collapses, I'll die alone. My granddaughters - Maiko (7 years old) and Niniko (6 years old) - live with the father of my daughter-in-law, grandfather Shalva. I never bring them to my home. My house is bad, dangerous. I go to visit them myself.

Now I am not only a bebika to them, but also mom and dad. I must do everything that their parents did not have time to do. To teach, to show, to educate. (Sighs.)

Bebika and her favorite girls - Maiko and Niniko

- Your son and daughter-in-law left so young. How did it happen, why? I am so sorry.

Irina: Everything happened to my son in about half an hour. He sent Marika and the children to the store and hung himself. When the children entered the house, they thought that dad was riding a “swing”. They ran up to him... Marika got diabetes from this shock, and then it killed her.

The investigator says that the competitors wanted to get rid of my son. Sergey was engaged in business - he had his own butcher shop. They called him before he committed suicide.

I have a memory lapse, what I did then. People said that they found me on the floor, unconscious, bruised. They say I hit the wall when I learned about that. I howled in an inhuman voice by his coffin. But I don't remember myself.

Marika became so weak in health that she could not bear the covid. She went to her beloved husband... My kittens are complete orphans. We need to raise them - they need so much things...

- You don't have anything.

Irina: But you can't tell kids that you have nothing. They are waiting for at least something small, when granny comes. I buy cereals from my pension, and I collect sorrel and nettles in the forest. I don't need much. I can eat once a day. I trained myself like this. I live on social allowance - 50 GEL.

Irina's lunch - sorrel collected in the forest

- And you can do without the most basic things? With no shower, no toilet, no wardrobe, no table, no TV?

Irina: I can't, but I have to. But I have water in the yard, so I can wash something there. There is no toilet, I use a potty. My block-built toilet was swept away by the river when there was a massive flood in 2015. This is Verishevi, a dangerous place. The river washed out the whole house. You see, everything is rotten - the floor, the walls. Then for a whole month I collected my things from the street - here and there.

The earthquake has now finished off the things that the flood did not take away. I was sitting, watching TV, when suddenly the wall started moving towards me! I just managed to curl up in the corner by the bed. There was a big explosion. The TV exploded, the furniture was crushed. I survived then.

My house no longer has a side wall. A stray dog, cat or an uninvited guest from the street can freely get into the house

After the flood in 2015, the ceiling, floor and walls rotted, and the wallpaper went into huge blisters

There is terrible dust and dirt in the house when it rains or when wind blows. And what awaits Irina in the winter?

That’s what is left of things and furniture

Neighbors gave her two carpets to cover the destroyed side of the house, otherwise passers-by from the street peep inside.  The house is like a passage yard - you can see everything.

- Did anyone help you besides your neighbors?

Irina: Shalva, my daughter-in-law’s father, is not able to help me. He works as a security guard to feed our granddaughters. No one needs me anymore. My eldest son has stopped communicating with me for a long time. He became so cruel after prison. He demanded that I register the ownership of this house on him, he even beat me with his fists. You won't get help from him. He forgot everything. I raised my two sons in this house. I was not embarrassed about any work to put them on their feet. I worked as a cleaner, and as a saleswoman. And now I must get out.

It is bitter to recall the past happiness

This is a very old house, my grandmother built it in 1930.

- I see now why it is so hard for you to leave here.

Irina: Not just hard - but impossible. Many years ago, my house and land were appropriated by a fraudulent lawyer. She lied to some of my neighbors too. We are the victims. This case is still in court. According to the documents, I am not the owner of my house.

And the state has an excuse not to help me. They always defalcate the aid intended for me. They defalcated it when the flood happened and defalcate it now.

Irina has a sick back, she has hernia. She has no strength to put the yard in order

There is a pile of rubbish that accumulated in the yard after the flood and earthquakes

- And no one is responsible for you.

Irina: Only God is responsible for me. When I go to bed, I ask Him: “Lord, let me wake up tomorrow. Don't let this house fall down." He loves me and that’s why he sent me so many trials. He gives more difficulties to those he loves the most. Although I endured them with great difficulty. My heart is torn as a rag. It does what it wants. I suffocate, I lack oxygen, and I have a terrible arrhythmia.

- Irina, do your granddaughters ask you about their parents?

Irina: Maikosha often asks: “What are mom and dad doing now? “Bebika, can they come back?” Maikosha cried a lot at both funerals - both of her father's and of her mother's. And my Niniko has mild autism, she doesn’t understand it that much. Maybe that's for better.

They stroke the cold stone at the cemetery with their hands, kiss it. You still can’t explain to the children what happened.

- May God give you health and strength to look after your granddaughters. How can we help?

Irina: I pray that the house will endure until help comes. It could collapse at any given moment, I'm afraid of that. I don't want to die under the rubble. My kittens still need me. Help repair the wall, please. There are no living things left either. I don’t ask for food - I’m used to starving. You are the first who got so interested in me, who reacted with their heart. Maybe my suffering will end now?


Irina is deprived of the opportunity to even just fall asleep. She is afraid of every sound, and it seems to her that the end has come. She is abandoned alone in mortal danger. She is very tired. All she wants is to be a good grandmother to her granddaughters.

Irina must not die! Her little granddaughters - Maiko and Niniko - really need her, they do not have mom and dad! We really need her! Let's keep her alive, help make her home safe. Building materials, basic furniture, appliances, food, and medications are badly needed.

God forbid you from bitter trials and misfortunes. God forbid anyone lonely and unhappy old age.

Friends, in reality, Irina's living conditions are even worse and scarier. You can visit Irina Olifer personally and offer her your help. She lives in Tbilisi, in Verishevi. Her address is: Tskneti avenue, first lane, building 20.

Every time you can help someone, just do it and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!

Let’s show our mercy and make them believe that miracles happen, that they can live in a warm and cozy home and have a lot of food! They believe in us. Don’t let them down. Show them what generous people live in Georgia

We are sure that all together we will manage to give them unforgettable moments!

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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