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One glass of liquid was accumulating in the child’s head every day.

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June 27, 2022
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One tiny crumb can kill Saba. Even a piece of bread or cookie can kill him. Saba is eight years old and doesn't know what bread, or meat, or chocolate tastes like. And if he had known, he would have died at that very moment. He has a sick esophagus. Nobody knows when it might break. And it looks worse than in the scariest thriller ever. Saba does not play - he loses his life before our eyes! Blood spurts from his mouth in a fountain, flows onto clothes, bed, and floor. And Saba gets empty and weak.
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One glass of liquid was accumulating in the child’s head every day.
Saba’s been in pain for all his short life.
One tiny crumb can kill Saba. Even a piece of bread or cookie can kill him. Saba is eight years old and doesn't know what bread, or meat, or chocolate tastes like. And if he had known, he would have died at that very moment. He has a sick esophagus. Nobody knows when it might break. And it looks worse than in the scariest thriller ever. Saba does not play - he loses his life before our eyes! Blood spurts from his mouth in a fountain, flows onto clothes, bed, and floor. And Saba gets empty and weak.
The doctors told his grandmother Nonna that Saba would not get to the hospital alive. They even stopped the car. They asked her: “How can you live in the countryside with such a child?”
It was from such doctors that grandmother Nonna took her grandson, having moved from a distant village to Tbilisi so that Saba could live.
They live in a rented apartment, on the very outskirts of Tbilisi. They don't even have a blender to grind food - their neighbors lend it to them every day. They no longer have money for diapers, sleeping pills, or doctors. This forced life in the capital has ruined the family financially.
Saba knows nothing about it. He does not see, he cannot talk, eat, move. But he knows that his grandmother's voice is guarding him. This voice will not let him die.
When Saba is sick, he looks for his grandmother
- Nona, where Saba’s parents are?
Nona: They stayed in the village of Alambari with their little children. I have two more grandchildren - ten-month-old Sandro and Eleniko, she is six years old. It is very expensive for all of us to move to the city. But one of us has to be here because all the hospitals Saba needs are here.
- Why you?
Nona: Because I am the most resilient. But well. I'm half human too.  Tamuna, my daughter-in-law, and Kakha, my son, get lost when the child gets sick. They themselves need to be brought to their senses when they see blood. And you can't lose even a second with Saba, he can be gone in a matter of minutes. I don't panic.
- When did the problems start? When did you find out that you have to be on the lookout with Saba all the time?
Nona: I found out about this too late, I can’t forgive the doctors... (Sighs.) Do you know what happened? When my daughter-in-law was nine-month pregnant she suddenly started having high blood pressure - it raised up to 200. It was the reason; it had an impact.
He was born small - his weight was only two kilos. He was put into the incubator. We asked doctors all the time: “Is he all right?” “Yes, yes, everything is fine,” they said for up to three months. But Saba's head began to grow rapidly. I took him to the pediatrician, I thought, she would say that we needed to improve his nutrition. She measured his head with a tape-measure and said it was hydrocephalus. Damn on me! One glass of liquid - 200 milliliters - was accumulating in the child’s head every day. The brain “bathed” in this liquid, everything got deteriorated there. Because of this, Sabuna is now blind, his eyesight is only two percent. That means “normal” in their opinion, right? Bastards... (Cries.) He could see now!
They were pumping this liquid for six months in the Iashvili clinic. A tube went from his head to his stomach - a shunt. Now it goes from his head to his heart. Look how they tortured my boy! (Pulls up his shirt.) Here is a scar, and here is another one... They cut everything. He was operated on ten times.
His entire body is cut. Diseases took away his childhood. Saba is only eight years old, but he was operated on ten times
- Poor one.
Nona: At first, he had hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. And then all sorts of other diseases came out: his liver is deteriorating, his spleen is enlarged, he has anemia. He is completely exhausted by illnesses ... Conversations with doctors are killing me. They always upset me. Now they say that he also has a tumor, but they do not say where it is. Recently, this also popped up on his neck. (Shows it.) I'm sure they'll tell us now that we need to do a biopsy.
Doctors said that "everything is fine", but the grandmother’s heart felt that something wasn't right 
- Which of Saba's diseases is the most dangerous?
Nona: Lord, each of them is bad and dangerous! The biggest problem for us is varicose veins of his esophagus. In December, my son and my daughter-in-law were here, and everything happened before their eyes. Blood gushed out of Sabuna's mouth! We almost went crazy! Kakha and Tamuna screamed in fear. I was still able to think a little and called an ambulance ... He was saved for the third time. The Lord took pity on me and his parents. This is such a nightmare, such a hell! Blood gushing from the mouth or from the anus (it happens in different ways). The doctors in Kutaisi didn't know what to do about it. They stopped an ambulance on the road twice and said: "He's dying, we won't have time to save him." And I cried, shook them and urged them: “I beg you - go on, I beg you standing on my knees! The Lord knows what to do with him.”
“I looked at Saba’s suffering for so long that I am already half a human”
Our family is entirely in the hands of God. I only trusted Him to save Saba. Please don't take my boy away. And make so that he had less torment.
- Does your son work? Can he keep all of you - two children in the countryside and two of you in the city?
Nona: Kakha cleans the gardens, takes on any rural work. He sends us money whenever he can. It is impossible for him to cope with everything. Rent, diapers, special nutrition, doctors, treatment... This list never ends. Our relatives used to help us while there were able to. But we constantly need money for so many years. Mothers' Fund helped us. By some miracle, we've made it so far.
When I put a cloth instead of a diaper, Saba cries until I remove it. He can’t sleep at all without sleeping pills. All food has to be ground, and we don't even have a blender. Our neighbors give it to us.
Saba has never tasted bread or other ordinary food. He only eats porridge from a syringe
- What else does Saba need?
Nona: When I could, I bought him Humana and Nestle cereals and yogurt. This is what he tolerates best. I feed him with a syringe. We need wet wipes. We need psychotropic drugs. Our local administration gives us some medications, but not these. Part of Saba's pension (195 GEL) is deducted since I took a loan (1500 GEL) for his operation. I have 450 lari - this is a social allowance. It’s really scary in our situation. I found myself without a penny in the hardest moments for so many times. Where was the state at that moment? Again, only people helped us.
- Does Saba recognize his family members?
Nona: Oh sure! He knows the voice of his mom, dad, his sister Elene, and little Sandro. He smiles when he hears their voices. He knows that he can touch the voice with his hands. When my boy feels bad, he looks for me with his hands. (Wipes her tears with her palm.) He asks me to save him, plaintively like this: "Aah." 
He plaintively calls for help, like a weak chick
I remember I spent ten days sleeping on chairs in the Tsitsishvili clinic, I could not leave him alone ... (Cries.) I have three grandchildren and I love them all. But for Saba, I have become his guardian angel in these eight years. If they said: “Get your heart out and give it to him”, I would give it. I would sell my kidney. I thought about it. I have both love and pity for him.
For Nona, Saba is special of all her grandchildren, he will not live without her even a day
- I'll burst into tears with you now.
Nona: My son says: “If it weren't for you, mom, Saba would no longer be alive…” Saba reacts especially to one thing. Say it out loud: "I will punish your grandmother."
- I will punish grandma Nona now. Take that!
(Saba makes an offended "ahhh" sound.)
- No, my baby, you grandmother is good. She is sweetie.
(Saba stops crying.)
Nona: He also immediately reacts to the word “pain” - with his facial expressions or with his hands when you say the word “hurts”. He's been in pain all his little life. He knows what it is.
Help me somehow make his life easier. Help my Saba to live on. I would do anything for him: not to sleep at night, to turn Saba over, and lift him, and carry him in my arms, and live in a hospital. But I don't have the most basic things.
I am so grateful to my friends for helping me find you. When I saw how many seriously ill children you are helping, I realized that we were saved again by some miracle.
“I would give my heart for him! I would carry him in my arms!"                           
Since Saba was born, his grandmother Nonna has been assigned from above to be his guardian angel. Her work as a guardian angel is not at all simple: to save a life, when necessary, to be next to Saba every minute, to protect and fight off his illnesses, day and night. This beautiful selfless Georgian grandmother chased away death three times! But even a guardian angel needs help. To not be defenseless against the disease, she needs diapers, medications, cereals for Saba, hygiene products, and, of course, money for treatment.
All this will help prolong Saba's life.
This could happen to any family.
Support them! You can visit Saba Verulidze personally. Their address in Tbilisi is: TEMKA district, Fourth microdistrict, building six, apartment 27.
If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you opened your kind heart and helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.
Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.
Every time you can help someone, just do it and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you! We are sure that together we can warm Nona’s heart and give her confidence in the future.
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