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Mom, won’t your heart burst?

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July 7, 2022
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“Do you know what mom did once so that we wouldn’t freeze? She broke our wardrobe. She broke it like that: she beat it with her hands and feet, so that it turned out like firewood, and then put it into the stove. There was an unusual smell. And it was like a black cloud in the room… But it became warm,” eight-year-old Nino says, showing us what is left of their wardrobe.
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პერტაია ნინო
2 days ago
$ 7.09
ტარიელ ბარნაბიშვილი
26 days ago
$ 1.77
ანა ახვლედიანი
26 days ago
$ 7.09
სალომე აფციაური
26 days ago
$ 3.54
ირმა არბოლიშვილი
26 days ago
$ 2.48
ვიქტორია კერდიკოვა
26 days ago
$ 0.71

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