Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

When a child dies, his mother dies with him herself, but when her second child is on the verge of death, she must rise from the dead!

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July 28, 2022
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“How to explain to mom without words that you are thirsty? How to say that you are hungry? That your head aches? That you want hugs? I can only say "woo". Will mom understand? And won’t mom be offended that I often say “woo”? When the unfortunate mother addressed our Fund, we immediately realized that this family simply could not survive without our help. Meet my friends: this is Khatuna and her long-suffering son Nika.
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ნიკა აბრამიშვილი
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გიგა ბერიაშვილი
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გიორგი ღვალაძე
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2 days ago
$ 6.24
კახაბერ ქებურია
2 days ago
$ 2.18
თეონა ჯანაშია
2 days ago
$ 3.12

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