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How to Survive Winter in the 21st Century.

November 2, 2015       326
Charitable Foundation “Social partnership” begins the action to help Mrs. Tamar Lapachi.
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Project completed!

“Social Partnership“ for Helping Tamar Lapachi

When you have to live in the 21st century, like a primitive man, that's very disappointing. If it is possible to live in the ruined room, in concrete walls with the  unfinished ceiling and the damaged floor in summer , with the onset of winter cold, these conditions become dangerous to tolerate.

4years ago, Mrs. Tamar Lapachi faced a great disaster- fire started in her house and everything she had acquired throughout her lifetime with hard labor, had been burned. Furniture, personal items, clothes… But after the fire, far more tragedy was waiting for her. Her only son died, whom she had lived for and cared about ardently and loved more than her own life. After her son’s death, Mrs. Tamar had a nervous stroke. Now she is bedridden and lives in one room all alone, by herself. The situation is terrible in the room, the walls are not whitened, the ceiling is unfinished, no floor is there. There are two chairs, one bedside table and a dismantled bed presented by the neighbors in the room. To avoid freezing, she asked her neighbors to take the carpet from the floor and put it on her blanket to heat. Tamar has got an old mother who lives in the region and seldom visits her daughter. Daughter-in-law and grandchildren also visit her rarely.

Charitable Foundation “Social partnership” is the only organization that helps Mrs. Tamar. Currently, the Foundation takes care of 500 poor, bedridden people. It is hard to imagine, but the living conditions of some of the people are worse than Mrs. Tamar’s. Every day the Foundation staff, completely free of charge, provide beneficiaries with food, medicines and conduct quality service which is vital for these 500 patients. Monthly, the Foundation spends more than 35,000 GEL on products, medicines and means of hygiene.

Take a look at these photos, this is the citizen of Georgia of the 21st century. Do not remain indifferent towards her problems, help her.

Perhaps, you have either a blanket, a mattress or pillows you do not use any more. Please, bring them to the office of our Foundation, Vazisubani Str.88A.

If you find it more convenient, to assist financially, you can transfer the amount of money to the Fund account  GE15TB7194336080100003 ( Write in the Purpose: Tamar Lapachi )

or through the Fund site