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„Social Partnership” for supporting little Luka

„Social Partnership” for supporting little Luka Navroziani
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Caring of the person bound on the bed is very difficult, especially, when you are alone and there is nobody with you. But sometimes even entirely unknown people come to help others. It is already 3.5 years Charity Foundation “Social partnership” cares on 500 persons in bed, including 12 underaged child. One of them is 13 years old Luka. 

The mother of Luka, Irina got married in the age of 15. Young family was very happy. They were very glad when they found that Irina was pregnant and expected a boy after 7 years of waiting. Little Luka was born with pathologies and the diagnosis of the doctors sounded like a sentence: Microcephaly, Epilepsy, deformation of the limbs and failure of the chewing reflex…

„Kind people“ advised Irina to leave a child and return to ordinary life. But Irina strongly decided never leave her child and to be with him all the time. Unfortunately, Irina was left with two child and lots of problems alone. Despite everything it is 13 years as she is faithful to her child and cares on him like a newborn baby. 

A small room, where Irina lives with two children in a rented house, with no relevant conditions. Wet corner is in the yard used by 4 families. Regardless hard life Irina tries to be calm, as she knows that all the emotions of mother passes to a child. Luka feels his mother, reacts on her voice, he smiles when Irina cares, hugs and sings… but keeping calm and tears, becomes harder and harder. The greater part of social allowance and Luka pension is spent on the rent. Luka needs 3.5 GEL per day and sometimes the family has to make a choice to buy food or medicines. But you may understand what is the choice, Irina and the elder sister of Luka can somehow afford the hunger, when Luka cannot stay without medicines. 

The foundation “Social partnership” helps Irina and Luka with medicines and food. Nurses help Irina in bathing a son, they conduct relevant procedures. But unfortunately, the foundation is not able to solve the problem of the Irina and Luka. There is need for involvement of society. Your any support (financial. Products, medicines…), is very important for your family.  You can transfer money on the bank account:  GE15TB7194336080100003 (Please indicate in the subject Luka Navroziani) or directly transfer from the foundation web-site

Additional information about the family can be provided to the concerned people who has the desire to help them. 


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