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I would like to make Georgia prominent!

There is no word like “I cannot” in the vocabulary of Diana Jishiashvili.
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Project completed!

There is no word like “I cannot” in the vocabulary of Diana Jishiashvili. 11 years ago her ordinary life was completed. He got the trauma of the spine, which was incompatible with life according to doctors. He became 18 when she was in the reanimation. She was totally paralyzed and there was no chances for survival. But Diana decided to live! She underwent the hardest surgery, the hardest procedures for rehabilitation. The family lived in the poorest condition in order to cover the costs of treatment; it had to sell everything, even the cutlery. But this amount was not sufficient due to lack of finances Diana was not able to conduct required treatment and due to these problems she had the serious problems on the bones and joints. 

Regardless all above-mentioned, by mercy of God and huge willpower, Diana was able to start a new life. It took 5 years… 5 years of fighting with herself! Diana has won!  Diana learnt how to sit on the wheelchair. Then she got an education – he is the system administrator of computer network. Diana writes very nice, she has her own blog and publishes articles in the magazine “The Different”.

She realized her capacities, Diana started trainings in fencing and she achieved the best results in the shortest period. When she has an arm in the hand, she becomes powerful. 2 months ago, she participated in the World Championship in Fencing held in the city Eger, Hungary and won the bronze medal! It is hard to imagine, that Diana achieved such results by the hand not able to move, the fighting arms- rapier, sword or epee is very tightly fixed on her hand by the elastic bandage. 

Currently Diana is training intensively and is preparing for a new competition… her goal is to make Georgia proud and  to bring golden medal in her native land!

„If we are able to collect amount even for one rehabilitation course, to rehabilitate the hand and hold the arm perfectly, I will won the world championship for sure. I would like to show everybody, that strong and intrepid people live in our country!“ – Diana says. She applied for many organizations, but she was not able to collect amount for rehabilitation. It is possible to conduct to treat in Kiev. “It is much cheaper to treat in the Ukraine, than in Europe, people is more closer for us, and it is very important”.

Diana is very energetic, listens to the rock-music, she is dreaming to attend “Sepulture” concert which will be held in Tbilisi on November 27, but she is not able to buy a ticket. Pension she gets is hardly enough for buying the food. She has no any other income but nobody supports her materially.

The fund “Social Partnership” is starting collection of the money for rehabilitation of Diana. We ask all the people who are able to support her. This is the case, when our support will help not only one person, but it will bring the result to entire Georgia.

If you are able to support to this fine, strong, energetic girl, please, transfer amount on the bank account:  GE15TB7194336080100003 (Subject: Diana Jishiashvili), or from the web-site of the fund:


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