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Dadianis palas in the corridor of the kindergarten

The Fund “Social Partnership” starts the charity action to help Mrs. Taliko’s family.
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Project completed!

Mrs. Taliko Andguladze would never think that instead of a warm and cozy home, she would have to live in a cold, damp building – the corridor of the kindergarten. She is 84 now. When she recalls her life she could not help crying. She was a happy mother and a wife, she had an interesting job: she was a lawyer and she has been working at “Sakenergo” for 35 years as a head of the personnel department. Her mother used to help her in family affairs and upbringing the children. They lived in Didube, in a large loveable family. But one day her common life changed…

Taliko’s husband got sick, in a month her mother became bedridden… Taliko had to quit her job to take care of them both. In 1996 her three closest persons died – her husband, brother and mother. It was very difficult to go through much sorrow. But Mrs. Taliko found enough strength to continue her life. She didn’t lose her desire to live when her house under the threat of collapse destroyed and she was left on the street with her child and grandchild. She was temporarily lodged in the corridor of the kindergarten №179 in Varketili. And this “temporary” continues up to date.

In order to create some living conditions in the cold, damp and uninhabitable corridor they nailed up the windows with boards, covered the floor with cardboard, and “divided” the rooms with curtains. Mrs. Taliko’s grandchild calls it jokingly “The Palace of Dadianis” and tries his best to make his mother comfortable.  But this doesn’t protect them from cold. It is cold in this building even in summer. If they have some wood – they make it warm. They cannot warm themselves with a heater, for Mrs. Taliko’s pension is enough for the medications. They take the dinner at a free cafeteria for socially unprotected people. Now they burn old parquet that the neighbour had after the renovation. When the parquet is over, they have no idea how they will warm themselves and that concerns them most.

The Fund “Social Partnership” starts the charity action to help Mrs. Taliko’s family. We would like to ask you to help them with food products and wood – these are very important for them to overcome the winter. You can also deposit money on the account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 (destination: Taliko Andguladze) and from the website of the Fund

Any kind of assistance would be a great support for Mrs. Taiko.


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