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Garage for two

November 30, 2015       790
The Foundation “Social Partnership” launches the action to support the resident of Tbilisi Mrs. Makvala Gventsadze.
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Project completed!

Histories of beneficiaries of our Foundation – people, encountering the hardest times not due to their fault, might not leave anyone indifferent.

The fate of Mrs. Makvala Gventsadze is rather sad. That is the case when it is difficult to describe and communicate in words that unbearable existence. It is better to see once than to hear several times.

Everything was fine with her life until her beloved husband got sick. In order to alleviate his terrible tortures and to pay for expensive treatment she had to sell family jewelry first and then furniture, technical devices, cloths and the house in the end.

Unfortunately, she could not save her husband and Makvala turned out homeless together with her son. They started to live in old garage, in which she used to run tiny grocery...

In one corner of the garage, they arranged for bedroom. It is the only place in the garage, where rainwater penetrates least of all. Basins for collecting of rainwater are everywhere. It is very damp in the garage – mold is everywhere, washed cloths never dry …

There is no water closet in the garage. Kind neighbors let them use their toilets. They take water for drink and wash from them as well. It is very hard from physical as well as moral point of view: to ask neighbors all the time. Health conditions of the woman are very poor, and she is hardly getting about her garage.

It is terrible when people have to live in such intolerable conditions in their own country, in hometown...

Look at the photos of her dwelling space! It is hard to imagine that people live in such terrible conditions.

All the poor beneficiaries of out Foundation have their destinies and their grievances, but something unites them – they are not left alone in front of their misfortune. The Foundation “Social Partnership” – the biggest charity organization supporting poor and homeless in Georgia assists them all. We bring drugs for some, food for others, take care of people, and provide lots of very helpless with complex care and treatment… we try to help!

However, we are not almighty, and cannot solve all the problems of poor citizens in Georgia.

We need likeminded people, human, kind, just, who feel grievances of other people, who materially or financially, with items or products, with their hands or even reposting our articles  will try to change lives of all the miserable citizens of Georgia for good!

The Foundation “Social Partnership” launches the action to support the resident of Tbilisi Mrs. Makvala Gventsadze. Taking into account upcoming cold, she needs immediately to repair the roof of the garage and to fill in the cracks in order to prevent wind from penetrating.

We ask all those who can help poor old woman with the construction materials.

If you prefer to help financially, you are welcomed to transfer money to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 (destination: Makvala Gventsadze) or to pay directly at the site Фонда

Dear friends, look at the photos of dwelling space of Mrs. Makvala one more time, and for the moment imagine, that you or a person close to you might stand in her shoes, and take correct decision!