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History of true love

The Foundation “Social Partnership” launches the action to support Mchedlidzes famyli.
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“I promise to love you, be true to you, protect, care, support you in sickness and health, in joy and sorrow, in poverty and wealth, until the Lord do us part”. Many people have heard these words of devotion, and today we would like to introduce to you a family, for which those not are just simple words – those are the principle of their lives.

They meet them and married; they had a son and spent happy life... Robert and Nino Mchedlishvili from Tbilisi have had that all.

An accident changed everything. Hanging cloths in the balcony, she slapped and fell out. She had serious head and spine injuries, though remained alive, but now she is totally bound to her wheelchair and can barely speak.

That awful stroke of fate was a real shock to Robert, because his whole life has been only devoted to the beloved wife and child.

Constant stress and emotions affected his health: Robert suffered a stroke that paralyzed him and made him unable to speak. For a whole year, he laid motionless. All this time, Nino in a wheelchair herself, with great difficulty and risking her own health, used to take care of her husband.

In order not to be a burden for the family, Robert, as much as he could, tried to overcome the illness. And thanks to the power of faith and prayer, he managed to do it partially: he learned to sit and move slightly. But still, unfortunately, he was not able to speak again and get out of bed.

Surely, Robert would say to his wife many tender and gentle words of gratitude and love, but for now, he learned to pronounce her name only.

Despite everything, Nino and Robert understand each other perfectly without any words. He calls her by name banging his fist on his chest, showing in that way his feelings, and she - answers him with a smile. The couple help each other to carry the burdens of disease and complement each other as much as they can.

When Nino was motionless, Robert literally used to carry her on his hands, and now Nino, although she hardly moves in a wheelchair, takes care of her husband, doing everything possible for him: feeding him, washing, putting cloths on him ... a common problem united their family even more, making it stronger and closer.

Once the Charity Foundation “Social Partnership” knew about the problems of Mchedlishvili family, we never stand aside: our nurses hold weekly rehabilitation treatment procedures and special massages for Robert and Nino; we bring them food, medicines and hygiene products, helping with the housework as well.

However, we, of course, will not be able to solve alone all the problems of this unfortunate poor family, which is in extreme poverty.

For that purpose, we invite all the concerned people to take part in help and support of this wonderful couple!

Mchedlishvili family of two disabled people urgently needs everything: food and medicine, linen and clothing…

Friends, let us help those strong and devoted to each other people with joint efforts!

Although due to their illness Robert and Nino are not yet able to thank you, they will be for sure sincerely grateful and thankful for any possible assistance!

If you are touched with the story of those unfortunate poor people, and you can support them financially transferring money to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Mchedlishvili family) or directly at the website of the Foundation

Let us do good things and believe that love will save the world!


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