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December 29, 2015       1388
“My life is divided into the epoch before October 26, 2011 and after that terrible date. That day I left home before dawn. When starting go around working
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“My life is divided into the epoch before October 26, 2011 and after that terrible date. That day I left home before dawn. When starting go around working as the taxi-driver from the very twilight you can earn more – I know it very well, as I started to work as the taxi-driver upon graduation from the school. Then my father was paralyzed and in order to support my parents – pensioners, I had to give up with my studies and start to drive.

I drove to the address of recall when the dog appeared on the road. In order not to override it, I turned sharply and...

I came around when the emergency doctor tried to bring be to senses. I tried to get up but I could not. Everything inside me crashed down, I was afraid, I felt petty for my mum, dad and myself.

When released from the hospital, they said I as well as my car could not be repaired any more... And then I, being totally paralyzed did not believe I would be able to get up and walk sometimes...

The pensions of the parents were not enough to buy event food and the most necessary medicines. And we could not even think about paying for my rehabilitation.

But all of a sudden people from the Charity Foundation “Social Partnership” came to us and offered help absolutely free of charge. For almost three years nurses of that Foundation do miracles: they hold rehabilitation procedures and massages. Nobody believed that I could be rehabilitated, and I not only could seat but I go around the flat with support of orthosis -  special devices for fixation of legs.

But recently I felt down and broke my orthosis. It might not be repaired, and my family cannot afford to buy a new one. And without orthosis I cannot walk yet …” – one of the very first beneficiaries of our Foundation Levan Grigoryan told us this story.

For more than 3 years already in the framework of the program “Homecare” we help and support him, doing everything possible for his recovery as soon as possible.

Besides food and medicine, Levan now needs a new orthosis badly in order to go on with his daily walk exercises. If he does not get the orthosis now, the walking skills gained as the result of so much hard work will be probably lost.

We start charity action for support of Levan – that strong and positive man, who will walk definitely by all means and who will take care of his elderly parents, as he has the whole life ahead!

Any of your help – that is the chance for Levan to stand on his feet firmly, that is his faith in future and hope for his mum and dad  to see their healthy son!

Let us all together at New Year’s Eve and on Christmas make Levan happy and do good thing!

You can transfer money in order Levan can buy new orthosis, and also for food and medicines to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Levan Grigoryan) or directly from the website:

“No matter how hard the life is, whether it breaks you, putting you in troubles, or making you sick and miserable, not worthy to live – never give up, fight! No matter if you are in pain, no matter what happens to you, never complain about, and always fight to the end! No matter who you are: worker, taxi-driver or single mother - fight! Because it is your life, and you can do everything with it! Remember: you are the best, and you can deal with everything!” – for many desperate people those works of Levan Grigoryan might be the real incentive.

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