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We will not always be just as we are today!

The Foundation “Social Partnership” launches the action to support Nora Abutidze.
₾ 1,703
Project completed!

While we are young, healthy and full of energy we can take care of ourselves, we do not think a lot what will happen in future. We believe that we will be successful, independent and energized always… However, life brings its corrections and sometimes nothing goes that smoothly we have planned or expected.

Look at those pictures. You will see miserable almost broken house, and on the old crooked sofa under the thin old blanket the old woman Nora Abutidze is lying – she is 84. Sheisparalyzed, bedridden и, что самое страшное, уже много лет совершенно ничего не видит.

Nora almost does not interact and communicate her feelings and emotions; she keeps them inside, remembering from time to time all the good she had in life. And indeed, she also was once young and beautiful!  Future husband fell in love and for her moved to Georgia from the other republic. Nora gave birth to a son and they were happy together. In their cozy house in Nadzaladevi District in Tbilisi, it was always fun and crowded. Nora cooked well and liked to host guests.  However, all that passed away... Her husband died, their house turned old, and Nora had a stroke – as the result of which she became bedridden, and then lost sight.

If you are really kind person with the gift to feel for other people’s grief, you will by all means imagine the horror and desperation of that woman turned out to be in such situation due to bad accident! She is always lying, blind, half-starving, in cold uncomfortable room, even putting on the blanket felt on the floor is the huge problem for her!

After the stroke, relatives, friends and acquaintances come rarely, the house emptied…

Now the only guests of Nora – employees of our Charity Foundation, who help poor old woman with her personal hygiene, bringing her food and medications.

Nurses of the Foundation “Social Partnership” became close to her. They, as much as they can, try to relieve her situation, treating her well, supporting her and implementing rehabilitation procedures – asking about her happy life in the past.

Yes, we do everything we can, but that poor and neglected woman needs your support. Only with the shared efforts we can held and relieve her tortures. We cannot bring her sight but our attention, humanity and kindness she can see with her heart!

We recall to all those who care: if you can relieve the fate of that poor old woman, you can transfer money to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Nora Abutidze) or pay directly at the webpage of the Foundation Besides, you can help Mrs. Nora with woods, food and warm clothes.

Let us be kind to our elderly, giving example to our children and then we will be happy when grew old too!

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