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The most valuable thing is the health of the child!

February 9, 2016       719
The Social Partnership fund can't leave Guruli's family alone with their trouble! Therefore we begin a charity action on fund raising to help Ninutsa.
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Project completed!

The most valuable thing in human’s life is health. And for a woman - it is also  her child's health. And what pain is endured by a mother, when she sees that her child has a serious illness, can imagine each of us.

Unfortunately, Guruli's family  had to feel this pain: the second girl Nino was born with congenital pathologies; the baby was found the most difficult form of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis and epilepsy.

Her mother Lia didn't know what to do: how to look after the "special" child, how to feed, how to cope with attacks. In their small village that is located near Zestafoni, qualified assistance was not available from.

To give to the daughter a chance at least for partial rehabilitation, Lai, with two children, moved to Tbilisi.

And in the capital an easy life was not waited for her.

To make ends meet, to pay for the rental apartment and to provide Nino at least with the most necessary drugs, Lia undertook any work.

But all these were windfall earnings: Lia was not able to find a constant place; she had nobody to leave her little Nino with. The girl is completely bedridden, she often has epileptic attacks, and therefore it is dangerous to leave her without supervision even for some minutes. And now, when Lia has to leave the house, her elder sister Mari stays with Nino with sure.

Once a day they receive a free lunch in the special dining room for socially unprotected people. And they also rejoice to such one meal a day as earlier they and didn't have it at all…

Nino is 13 years old. She learned to say the most important words quite recently: "mother" and "Mari"... She is able to let know when she wants to eat or drink. Despite all problems with health, Ninutsa is very emotional: she loves when her mother laughs, when her sister sings, and she tries to sing along too. As well as all girls, she likes flowers; likes to look through magazines with beautiful pictures. Loves when people talk to her, and adores receiving compliments...  

 Lia tries to encourage herself and daughters in every ways, but this becomes more and more difficult for her. When Lia stays alone, she can't constrain tears due to hopelessness. She is smothered by a lump in a throat every time when she passes by shops and can't allow herself to buy anything for the girls, even ordinary milk and fruit!

But as soon as Lia comes home, she tries to gather herself up and feign happy mother who has no problems – because little Nino is very susceptible to any manifestations of chagrin and sorrow! However, it becomes more and more difficult to hold in herself mental anguish and experiences every day …

And it isn't surprising – this family simply has no means for existence, they simply have no place to undertake! Little Nino extremely needs expensive drugs, means of hygiene and special food!

The Social Partnership fund can't leave Guruli's family alone with their trouble! Therefore we begin a charity action on fund raising to help Ninutsa and her family!

Each really kind and sympathizing person can put an amount on Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Nino Guruli) or pay directly from the site

Friends, don't remain indifferent. This is the case when our help is a question of vital importance!

There is nothing nobler, than disinterestedly help to such child who will never ask for help and which won't be able to give you help in return!

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