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10 years of solitude

February 29, 2016       557
Everybody dream to grow old surrounded by family and close relatives. But what one can do when old left alone in an empty house?
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Everybody dream to grow old surrounded by family and close relatives. But what one can do when old left alone in an empty house?

The beneficiary of our Foundation Mariam Marzashvili just like the majority of those we take care of is misfortunate. Obtained economical education, pretty Mariam started to work at the State Department of Statistics, and during 15 years became the Head of the Department. She met her future husband there. They had no children, so they decided to adopt a wonderful little girl and called her Tamari. The family was happy.

But unfortunately, their happiness did not last long. First, Mariam lost her beloved husband who faded away after having suffered from severe disease. Now she had to take care of her daughter and to maintain the family alone. Then she lost her job as in 90s her organization was disbanded. Mariam had to do everything in order to earn for living: she used to trade, worked as a cleaning lady and a street-cleaner.

And again bad jokes of her fate, – Mariam was hit by a car! She spent several weeks plastered, all the time lying in a bed. During that period, her adopted daughter, in order her mum not to get fired, swept the streets in her place.

But the biggest worries were waiting for Mariam in future: Tamari – her only daughter, whom she loved more than everything died several days before her 28th birthday. So Mariam Marzashvili was left completely alone.

That terrible stroke broke her to the end. She fell ill, without any power or will to fight against the diseases. Now she practically does not get up from her bed, her legs permanently swollen, bleeding and causing immense pain.

Nurses of our Foundation do their best to release tortures of the poor woman. They treat her wounds on her legs, bandaging them, helping Mariam with personal hygiene. And indeed, for many lonely and miserable people our Foundation is the only hope and chance to stay alive.

Pension is not enough for Mariam, she cannot buy even the most important things: medications and food with that money.

Therefore our Foundation launces charity action for support of Mariam Marzashvili, and we refer to all of you asking to help that miserable lonely and sick woman. Let’s show Mariam she is surrounded with kind and responsive people, who of course cannot replace her beloved people, but will grant her so-needed attention and warmth!

If you are able to help Mrs. Mariam, transfer money to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000  (purpose: Mariam Marzashvili) or pay directly at our website:

We have already helped many people, changed their lives for the good, so let us support this poor old woman as nobody is guaranteed fortune and peaceful old age. Who knows some day we will need help too…