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mother is struggling for the life of another!

Can you imagine what the mother feels, having buried a son and seeing how the other one is doing?!
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Can you imagine what the mother feels, having buried a son and seeing how the other one is doing?! You had rather not to imagine! Just read this story about terrible tragedy of the family Vardiashvili from Tbilisi.

On May 22, 2001 – that was the terrible day for their family. 20-years old Giorgi and his 17-years old brother Gela had car accident. Their car travelling with great speed hit the microbus, right in the place the brothers were sitting.

Younger Gela died on site and Giorgi were brought to the hospital with serious injuries. Six endless months, Giorgi has spent in resuscitation department, in coma. Forecasts of the doctors were not hopeful and his mother was ready for the worst…

It is impossible to express the misery of the mother! Nana did everything she could to pay off the operations fees in order to save her son: she sold all the valuables, car and house. Afterwards they moved to the rented apartment in Ponichala.

Nana kept praying for her child and God listened! Giorgi moved his fingers and opened his eyes. Nana realized he would survive! Each and every day she was sitting next to him, talking to him and reading his favorite books. As before that terrible accident Giorgi had a whole library of his favorite books, he never parted with them. But afterwards they had to sell those books also…

In order to understand him better the mother managed to communicate with him in her own special way. She spelled to him the letters and he bowed to the necessary one. Thus the words were formed, and then the whole sentences. The first phrase Giorgi made up in that manner was Thank you mom! He was really very thankful she did not leave him and supported him to stay alive!

Then Giorgi managed to sit and moved around assisted by his mom. He managed to travel to Ureki for treatment with magnetic sands, which kind people paid for him.

However, for subsequent rehabilitation additional funds are required, which poor Nana is lacking. She even wanted to sell her kidney but the [physicians made her to change her mind, as she would not have been able to take care of him in such case.

All that time Nana has not worked, as she cannot leave her son alone for a single minute. The only source of living for them is the tiny pension of Giorgi but it is not enough even for food, not to mention medicines.

Due to lack of funds and treatment, Giorgi’s standing deteriorated.  Его His mom keeps crying everyday as she does not know what to do, to whom refer for help and support…

We are launching action for raising funds in order to support Giorgi. He needs badly all those expensive medications and the rehabilitation course, which would guarantee complete recovery for him.

Just think how terrible it is for the poor boy and his desperate mother… And act according to your kind heart! As if you have read this article you are not indifferent and can feel other’s pain just like the own!

If you can support Giorgi financially transfer money to the account of our Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Giorgi Vardiashvili) or pay directly at the website

Please be so king to give hope to those poor people for living!


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