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My life is complete torture!

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March 28, 2016
“My tortures started when I was little, – beneficiary of the Foundation Margarita Beridze started
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“My tortures started when I was little, – beneficiary of the Foundation Margarita Beridze started, – When I was 3, my parents died in car accident and I was left alone!”

Little orphan Margarita was taken by relatives, who used to take turn in fostering her. And the girl moved around, lacking of home, love and support.

She did not want to be burden for them, and so once she graduated school she started to work as hairdresser.

She liked her work, dreamed to save money and to open her own saloon for kids. Margarita has always been deprived of parental love and therefore, she loves kids. Unfortunately, she has no kids of her own...

In order to make her dream come true, she worked hard without holidays and vacations. However, as she had to work on her feet for long, she had serious problem with legs - acute form of thrombosis, and in 2005, her right leg was amputated.

That was one more terrible happening in her life. Left alone, without job, means for living, deprived of shelter – what can be more terrible?

All money saved for kids’ saloon were spent on operation and treatment. She was left in complete poverty. Poor woman had to sleep outdoors, to starve several says in a row without just anything.

Then she was given a room in the shelter in Jikia Str., Tbilisi.

It is hardly a room for living! Cold concrete floor, leaking veneer ceiling, deprived of the most elementary comfort: there is no gas or water in the room!

In this building without any partitions, there are basin, toilet bowl, and bed and kitchen table!

Margarita is moving around sitting on the chair, pushing herself with her leg. Thus, she goes down to the yard in order to take water. The entire small room is crowded with many bottles of water. Margarita brings lots of water altogether, as she is afraid next time she will not be able to do so.

To light stove, cutting wood beforehand – that is another challenge for poor woman.

And all that is just impossible to imagine! Just imagine all the difficulties Margarita has to overcome on daily basis, as what is elementary for us healthy people is real achievement for her.

And dreams of kids’ saloon remained just dreams… Only sometimes children from neighboring yards come to her to have their haircut. And notwithstanding her miserable allowance, she do it absolutely for free!

Our Foundation cannot stand aside watching tortures of poor lonely woman! Thus, we launch action for raising funds to support Margarita. We just want to alleviate her miserable life.

If you can help her with money please transfer to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000  (purpose: Margarita Beridze) or pay directly at the website:

We recall not staying indifferent to others misery, as Margarita has nobody but us to rely on and refer for help!

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