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Six children might be left orphans!

Badri Kobulashvili – the father of 6 children referred to the Charity Foundation “Social Partnership” begging for help! The history of their family horrifi
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Badri Kobulashvili – the father of 6 children referred to the Charity Foundation “Social Partnership” begging for help! The history of their family horrified us indeed!

2 years ago mum Ekaterine was diagnosed with cancer! Parents did all their best for treatment: spent all their money, sold everything they had!

Before disease, the father worked and could maintain the family. However, when health of Ekaterine was deteriorated, he was made to abandon the job in order to take care of his sick wife.

As the result, the family Kobulashvili was left in complete poverty in the street – they even could not pay the rent for the apartment.

Thus, they moved into the building under construction in the airport settlement, in the suburb of Tbilisi. Now their home is the concrete box, more resembling dungeon: without water supply, sewerage system, heating and electricity with broken old furniture, toilet and bathroom outside. In order to bath, wash and take water to drink they have to go outside even when it is freezing to go outside. In their only room, which is a bedroom and a kitchen for them, it is so cold and damp that all the walls are covered with mildew. They cannot heat the premises – there is no wood or money. In order to save money, they do not light candles when needed, when it is dark they go to bed in order the night to go fast and to warm up under lots of old damped blankets! Children permanently wear boots at home, as their feet are freezing on concrete floor.

Look at the photos and you will see yourself the terrible conditions they live in, to be exact, six poor children aged 2-15 and two adults, one of which has cancer.

Now the family Kobulashvili is in catastrophic conditions: they have no money at all! Once in a day miserable dinner is brought to them, which is absolutely not enough. These poor children know very well, what is hunger, as at times they have no bread!

As they have no resources, mum Ekaterine stopped her treatment being afraid that her children might die of hunger if she has to buy those expensive medicines!

Vanity and despair reign the family Kobulashvili as they have ho support and could not wait for help from anywhere! Six children: Avtandil, Kakhaber, Mikheil, Natia, Mariam and 2 years old Barbara ask for help of kind people! As they do not want to be orphans!

The Foundation “Social partnership” launches action to raise funds for the family Kobulashvili. We ask you to help them! In order to stay alive, the family needs badly money for treatment of Ekaterine, food, hygienic items, medicines for children, wood and cloths!

If you can help financially, you can transfer money to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: family Kobulashvili) or pay directly from out site

As Holly Easter comes please show your kindness!

Donating even small amount you will give a chance to a poor woman to live, a hope to a family to survive, as they are almost dying!

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