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June 6, 2016       1204
Foundation Social Partnership goes on with introduction of our new beneficiaries to you – those are lonely sick people in terrible conditions.
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Project completed!

Foundation Social Partnership goes on with introduction of our new beneficiaries to you – those are lonely sick people in terrible conditions.

Garik Uzunyan – is the old resident of Tbilisi, who spent his entire life in the district of Avlabari. He used to work as electrician, serving schools and kindergartens.

However one evening completely changed his life. Garik was coming from work late at night, heard screaming for help and saw several people beating young guy, who was lying on the ground. Garik ran to him trying to defend, but he was hit down with something heavy and fainted.

After that problems with health began, his health standing deteriorated. Doctors diagnosed pituitary adenoma. That triggered interruption of metabolism, and Garik started to gain weight, he was suffering from terrible headaches, and then he became completely bedridden!

It is already a year Garik cannot get up from his half broken sofa.  Due to permanent being immoveable his body is covered with bedsores – injuries which do not heal, causing him terrible pain, making the man cry! He knows very well he is rotting!

All the troubles of Garik are even more horrible as he is lonely, there is nobody who could give him a glass of water or to cover a blanket over him! Moreover, recently in the old Italian yard where he lives the fire occurred, as the result of which the window glasses were broken and the roof damaged over his dwelling. Now his room is windy and water is leaking from the roof when it is raining outside. Garik, who before getting sick used to help people with their household running problems, can do nothing in order to change current situation!

If you are truly kind and sensitive person, able to feel other’s misery, you will by all means imagine the entire horror and despair of the situation in which that poor man occurs to happen!

Now the only people visiting Garik Uzunyan – are the employees of our Charity Foundation Social Partnership, who help poor man in maintaining personal hygiene, treating bedsores, bringing food and medication.

Although we are doing our best in order to help that poor man, he needs your assistance and support badly too! With shared efforts only we can reduce his tortures and help him to recover! He would not get away without our help!

Our Foundation is launching charity action to support Garik. We call on all the kind people: if you can alleviate somehow the destiny of that poor man, give money for medication, anti-bedsore matrass and soothing ointments, you can transfer money to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Garik Uzunyan) or pay directly at the website of the Foundation:

Please help! As this poor sick man suffering from terrible pain has nobody to rely on!

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