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Young Man Health Irakli Melikidze in your hands!

July 11, 2016       1560
Our Foundation "Social Partnership" will introduce you to the tragic story of a young, charming and cheerful guy Irakli Melikidze.
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Our Foundation "Social Partnership" will introduce you to the tragic story of a young, charming and cheerful guy Irakli Melikidze.

Two years ago, he graduated from high school and was planning to start a new adult life! Irakly wanted to go to theater school and become an actor. But, unfortunately, his dream did not come true ...

After last call, on June 6, 2014, they went to the class on the river to bathe. That day turned out to be fatal for Irakli! All classmates took turns diving off a cliff into the river. Despite the fact that Heraclius was an excellent swimmer and a child many times jumping from high cliffs into the water, this time one wrong move predetermined his fate! He surfaced a long time out of the water, but his friends could not even think that Irakli needs help ... And when he pulled out, he was not breathing, all turned blue and could not move.

The diagnosis have put terrible - a serious fracture of the spine and spinal cord injury. All plans of this young and promising guy collapsed in an instant! There was only one dream - "Survive!".

To save Irakli life, his family sold everything they could! And now his family has no money even to replace traheostomu- tube, through which enters the lungs Irakli air. He has to use the old and broken, which causes discomfort and Man terrible torment!

And in order to Irakli again rose to his feet, he urgently needs expensive medications and rehab! Each day of delay reduces the chances for recovery!

"Most of all, - Irakli says - I want to get back on their feet. And it is the same as before! Still, to go to college and be in the movies. But, unfortunately, I did not cope alone! I can see how my parents are going through, I understand that they've done for me everything possible and even impossible ... They are ready to beg, but I became healthy again! ".

Friends, our Foundation "Social Partnership" with your support already helped so many poor people have changed their lives for the better! And we believe that we are all together Irakli can also restore your health!

We are starting a charity event to raise funds for the salvation of Irakli Melikidze! Even a small, in your opinion, will allow the aid to purchase for him the necessary medicines, which will speed up the recovery!

If you are not indifferent people and can give a chance to the unfortunate kid a happy future, the money you can deposit into the account or GE15TB7194336080100003 GE64BG0000000470458000 Fund (Purpose: Irakli Melikidze) or pay directly from the website of the Fund /

No one is safe from accidents, and no one knows what will happen to us tomorrow! So please do not be indifferent, do not pass by someone else's grief, because of this wonderful young guy a whole life ahead! And its future is now in your hands!

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