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Nadaraia are on the edge of survival!

Broken-backed house, broken glasses, black mold on walls, rotten floor, half-broken furniture, old linen with worn-in fast – in such terrible conditions...
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Project completed!

Broken-backed house, broken glasses, black mold on walls, rotten floor, half-broken furniture, old linen with worn-in fast – in such terrible conditions  the family of Natasha and Gia Nadaraia lives, who rendered to our Foundation “Social Partnership” asking for help.

It is hard to imagine, that their house is the dwelling area! It more resembles of a house with ghosts inside as from a horror movie. But in particular in that house little kids live, who resemble of ghosts themselves!

Almost everybody seem to have forgotten about them… Relatives, friends and even the state! They have not got their only source for living – tiny social benefits for already 4 months – since the moment the seventh child was born! And that means, children are starving, as they have even no bread, spending their lives waiting for help from kind people!

There are seven wonderful kids in the family. The youngest Ketevan is 4 months old – she compared to her brothers and sisters yet does not understand in what conditions she has to be! Gia is 2 years old, his only toy is occasionally found broken three-wheel bicycle! 5-year old Gerasime has never tried ice cream in his life! Basili is 8, and he has neither shoes nor cloths in order to go to school in September! Elder children Mari, David and Giorgi help parents with household and babysit little brothers and sister.

The father Gia works in field, earning his living on occasional jobs. With received 5-10 GEL per day, he buys bread for kids in order they stop crying of hunger. Those poor children ask their parents the same question every day: “Are we going to eat today?!”.

No word are in place here! Look at the photos, and you will see entire horror of hopeless situation of that family, where they are deprived of childhood!

We have no right to stay indifferent to that terrible poverty! Destiny of seven kids is in our hands! Only we can help them!

Charity Foundation “Social Partnership launches action to raise funds for the family Nadaraia. We ask you to stand aside and help them! For survival, the family badly needs food, hygienic means, and medicines for kids, wood and children cloths! Your even most insignificant assistance will help them to survive! If you can help them financially you can transfer money to the account of Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000  (purpose: Family Nadaraia) or pay directly from the website of the Foundation

With joint efforts only, we can alleviate destiny of that poor family and save innocent kids from starving, cold and misery! And if you cannot help financially, share this story at least in order it could find its addressee!

Thank you in advance for kindness and not being indifferent!

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