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Tragic destiny of young beauty!

September 8, 2016       11463
Dear friends, the same person is on these photos – beneficiary of our Charity Foundation “Social Partnership” – Khatuna Chagiashvili!
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Dear friends, the same person is on these photos – beneficiary of our Charity Foundation “Social Partnership” – Khatuna Chagiashvili! We would like to tell you her tragic story.

Khatuna was born in respectful artistic family in Tbilisi. Her mother Nelly was the dean at the Theater Institute, the father Badri was the lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts. Khatuna, just like her parents devoted herself to art. She studied at the Theater Institute, worked at Rezo Gabriadze Theater, where brilliant career and secured future was awaiting her.

Nevertheless, an instant changed her entire life! One day Khatuna as usual went to work, to the theater, but she could not manage to get there… She felt bad in the street and fainted. Emergency took her to the hospital. Khatuna spent 26 days unconscious in resuscitation department! Her mom Nelly spent 26 days in tears praying at the door of her ward.

When heart-broken parents took Khatuna from the hospital, there was nothing left of beautiful, vigorous and cheerful girl! Khatuna was paralyzed, twisted in pain, she did not react to the sound, and her entire body was bleeding of terrible bedsores! When the father took her from the ward, she was light just like feather!

Nelly and Badri took care of her together. Soon father could not bear it and he became bedridden. Now Nelly has to take care of seriously ill daughter, and husband.

Khatuna needs special care. Her mom feeds her with syringe, pouring liquid food into the cannula from the nose. She turns her, changes her cloths, washes her, and always drains liquid from her mouth! Nelly does not work as she cannot leave her daughter and husband alone. The only source for leaving – tiny allowance, which is not enough for medicines and food!

Due to absence of money for treatment, standing of Khatuna does not change for 4 years so long. However, according to the doctors, expensive medicines and rehabilitation course will give Khatuna chance to recover!

The only organization helping this poor girl and her dedicated parents – is our Foundation “Social Partnership”. Nurses help bathing Khatuna, providing personal hygiene, treating her bedsores and changing sanation tubes.

Nevertheless, we cannot solve all the problems of that poor family alone! Thus, we summon all heaty people to help financially seriously ill bedridden Khatuna!

If you can help, transfer money to the account of our Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Khatuna Chagiashvili) or pay directly from the website

We do hope that together with you we will bring Khatuna back to life, healthy and beautiful!

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