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My Mummy Needs Help!

Not so long ago she used to live an active life, visit church and, despite her weak eyesight, make clothes and bed linen for poor families.
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Chernovetskiy Charitable Fund keeps on introducing you the life stories of our beneficiaries – people who got into a complicated life situation not through their fault. One of them is the miserable 83-year old granny Mariam Zgaparadze.

Not so long ago she used to live an active life, visit church and, despite her weak eyesight, make clothes and bed linen for poor families.

But suddenly Mariam survived a stroke, and as a result she got totally paralyzed. An energetic and cheerful old woman turned into a feeble, bedridden old lady, who even cannot move her fingers!

Her daughter Nana had to give up her favorite work at the State Archives of Georgia where she had been working for 30 years in order to take care of her helpless mother.

Today Nana is with her mother all the time. She feeds her with a syringe pouring liquid food through her nose. It is extremely painful both for the mother and for the daughter, but they do not have another help for it – after the stroke Mariam is unable neither to chew nor to swallow.

So that her mother does not feel lonely every day Nana reads books for her, tells her different stories, hugs and kisses Mariam.

Often Nana furtively cries because she cannot help her dear mummy to recover! As they simply do not have money for medicines which would soothe Mariam’s state!

They live in old dilapidated house in Tbilisi, Avlabari District. Walls of this house have terrible cracks, which Nana closes with adhesive tape; windows have no glass, and the roof and the floor are so rotten that when it rains flood of water flows onto the old lady, and Nana has to cover her mom with a cellophane sheet!

The whole tiny pension is wasted on payment for utilities and buying of essential medicines for Mariam. No money is left even for food, so they eat food from social canteen which Nana brings once a day.

Our Fund cannot remain uninvolved in the misfortunes of Mariam – this poor old lady who is in such a complicated condition now! For this reason we announce a charitable action of fund raising to support Mariam Zgaparadze! She is in much need of medicines, diapers, hygiene products and medicines preventing pressure sores.

Let us help poor Mariam together and make her life at least a little easier!

We urge you not to remain aloof from the misfortune of the other! You can transfer money for this poor old lady to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Mariam Zgaparadze) or pay directly from web-site

Any help you give, even the smallest one, will be able to ease her distress!


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