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Blind parents raise 5 children!

Try to tie a thick cloth eyes and perform any habitual movements: cook dinner, clean up in the room or just get outside and you
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Try to tie a thick cloth eyes and perform any habitual movements: cook dinner, clean up in the room or just to go out, and you will understand the horror of life of blind people!

In Chernovetsky Foundation "Social Partnership" turned blind wife and Zaur Maya Kavelashvili and asked to help their five children!

Fate brought Zaur and Maya in Tbilisi specialized boarding school for blind children. They were classmates, then became friends. We understood that the two of us to carry the burdens of destiny will be easier and decided to start a family.

"We saw each other's heart!" - Say wife.

When the Maya knew about her first pregnancy, she and her husband were very worried, prayed that the child did not inherit their terrible affliction. Fortunately, Tinatin was born perfectly healthy little girl.

Blind parents was very difficult to raise a child! Just imagine for a moment how you can cook food, feed, to buy, to dress the baby, wash and iron clothes in the pitch dark!

Then he was born Miriam and Salome, Ketevan, but unfortunately, they are passed on to vision problems. After undergoing eye surgery girls can distinguish shapes are able to draw and write. They go to school and learn to perfect! Tinatin elder caring for younger sisters, helping blind parents and time to learn well and exercise.

Recently in this wonderful family appeared the long-awaited boy - George! He brought into the house of great joy!

Yes, children are happy and the most precious gift from God, but at the moment the situation Kavelashvili family simply catastrophic! Tiny allowance is not enough for anything, neither food nor drugs, nor on children's clothing, shoes and school supplies! Even poor people eat these foods from the social dining room, where every day brings a meager lunch.

And if children are not regularly required to take medication, their eyesight may deteriorate irreparably!

Their homes have no family, so living on the outskirts of Tbilisi in a rented apartment: unheated and uncomfortable. They are waiting with dread approaching winter and the onset of cold weather. These people are now really very, very hard!

Only by working together we can make life miserable, and this at the same time such a happy and friendly family!

Hope they only have to you, good people, a fine sense of someone else's pain and suffering!

Therefore, our Foundation begins a charity event to raise funds for a large family Kavelashvili. We kindly ask all of them to respond to any call for help! Your even the most minor support will help them to survive!

If you have the opportunity to provide financial assistance, the money can be credited to the account or GE15TB7194336080100003 GE64BG0000000470458000 Fund (purpose: Kavelashvili family) or pay directly from our site . A detailed photo report about helping them, we will publish the Fund's website and on our Facebook page.

Please do not remain indifferent, do good to those unfortunate people!

As stated in the Holy Scriptures: "He who has the heart - but see, having a soul - God help!".

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