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Mother carries her 17-year-old son in her hands!

November 28, 2016       926
The most valuable thing in the life of any woman is the health of her children. And imagine how deep the pain of a mother is to see the sufferings of her
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The most valuable thing in the life of any woman is the health of her children. And imagine how deep the pain of a mother is to see the sufferings of her children and not to be able to help them due to lack of money!

Chernovetskyi Fund "Social Partnership" would like to introduce you to you 17-year-old young man Koba Svanadze and his devoted mother Ketevan.

They were not very lucky in life: Koba has severe form of infantile cerebral paralysis and hydrocephalus and he is totally blind from birth. To save the life of her son, Ketevan sold all she had, and now she lives in a half-ruined room without any conveniences in the suburbs of Tbilisi, in Gldani district.

For the past 17 years, mother carries her sick son in her arms, as it is very painful for Koba to sit in a wheelchair. Now he weighs only 14 kg! Only in hands of his mother Koba feels himself comfortable, only in her arms he can relax and forget about the hellish pain that torture him since his birth!

"For 17 years I have not slept! When Koba is crying, I take him in my arms and walk with him around the room, singing to him and telling tales. It calms him down, and I'm happy when I see a smile on the face of my poor boy. He cannot tell me what hurts, why he is crying, I just have to guess, "- says Ketevan through tears of grief and despair.

Recently, the situation of these already poor people became completely hopeless! Ketevan’s oldest son, 28-year-old Guram, who was the only support for the family, fell ill. They had no money for examination and treatment, for all his earnings were spent on medicines for his younger brother. Therefore, Guram neglected his illness and his condition deteriorated so much that after several emergency operations, he became bedridden. Now Ketevan has to take care of two sons at the same time!

The family is so poor that they do not even have furniture! Two bedridden sons and their mother sleep on two broke down beds that kind people had lent them. But they are grateful for it, because until then they had to sleep on a concrete floor! They almost have no means to purchase products – tiny allowance is spent on essential drugs for her sons! That’s why they are often hungry!

What can we do for this poor family? How can these seriously ill young boys and their mother be supported?

We call on all good people not to stay indifferent to deep grief and misery of these people! Any of your even smallest assistance (food, medicines, and hygiene products) will help them to relieve the sufferings and give them hope for the future!

If you have the opportunity to provide financial aid to this family, you can deposit money onto the account of our Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Koba Svanadze) or pay directly from the site

Changing one life for the better, you change the whole world for the better!

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