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Grandpa takes care of his sick granddaughter!

December 19, 2016       801
For 4 years Chernovetskyi Charity Fund provides necessary assistance for free to 600 bedridden people including underage children!
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For 4 years Chernovetskyi Charity Fund provides necessary assistance for free to 600 bedridden people including underage children!

We would like to tell you about the sad story of little Salome Dumbadze. This unfortunate child is only 2 years old. All this time the girl has been seriously ill, and seeing her torture, the whole family suffers!

The birth of the third girl was awaited with great joy in the family, especially older sisters Mariam and Anna. They dreamed that they would dress her like a princess, and would play with her “daughters and mothers”. But their dream did not come true. The little sister was born with severe congenital abnormalities: cerebral palsy and epilepsy! Small Salome has no masticatory reflex, so the unfortunate girl is fed through a tube inserted into her nose.

The daughter's disease has become a real blow for the family! They spent all the means for treatment of their baby, and now they have nothing left. Tiny social allowance is not enough even for essential medicines!

The children of her age have already learned to talk, some of them say poems and make their loved ones happy. At this age children can already walk and play, and Salome has high fever all the time, she is constantly lying and suffers from frequent seizures. The poor baby has even no teeth. She is almost unable to move her hands, and her legs are completely motionless. The poor baby cannot even sit up, it is very painful for her.

No one in the family Dumbadze, except Salome, has any serious health problems: Tamaz grandfather suffers from a severe form of diabetes, due to which his both legs were amputated in 2014.

This poor family Dumbadze has no means of existence, they are simply nowhere to be obtained from! Mom Izo and Dad Akaki cannot work, they are busy all the time with the problems of their daughter and grandfather. Salome is often in the hospital, and if mom is with her, dad takes care of their eldest daughters and the disabled father! These poor people are in hopeless situation not due to their fault! And they cannot get out of it independently.

In order to survive this family needs everything: drugs, food, sanitary products. Chernovetskyi Charity Fund cannot stay away from huge grief and troubles of little Salome and her family, and appeals to all to support these disadvantaged people! Your even smallest assistance will help them to alleviate the suffering and give them hope for the future!

If you have the opportunity to provide financial assistance to helpless little girl and her unhappy family, you can deposit the money onto the account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 Fund (Purpose:) or pay directly from our site

Please do not refuse to help this innocent angel's soul, and let your kindness return to you and your children!

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