Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Life Long Love!

Nikoloz and Venera Chumburidze are one of the 600 beneficiaries of our Fund. They have lived for 50 years together!
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Since more than 4 years Chernovetskyi Charity Fund takes care of disadvantaged, neglected old people, who are left alone at the advanced age.

Nikoloz and Venera Chumburidze are one of the 600 beneficiaries of our Fund. They have lived for 50 years together! During their long life together they passed through much grief and misfortune, but the only thing that never left them – is love and respect to each other.

After school Mrs. Venera worked at the library, young Nikoloz saw her there, at that time he was a school teacher of military art and physical training.

Nikoloz liked beautiful Venera at first sight, he asked her to marry him and on the 26th of October 1966 they got married. They have been celebrating this event since 50 years with thrill and never forgetting it.

How much they have experienced over these years, it is even hard to remember!.. “During Abkhazian war my Bucha (she calls her husband so) went to the war. He was then 62 years, but he had no right to leave his homeland. He is a military officer, major general!  I was so worried and was waiting for him… He promised me to return and not to leave me alone! He was brought home wounded without any guarantee that he would survive. I took him from the hospital, treated him at home and nursed him… I put him on his feet! My life would have had no sense without him… He is all I’ve got!” – Mrs. Venera remembers and hugs her husband.

Nikoloz is now 80 years old, he can hardly move and takes care of his wife. This poor old woman fell down and broke her leg and now she is completely dependent on her husband. He prepares meal for her, washes clothes, helps her to get dressed and combs her hair.

“She has pampered me all my life and treated me like a king, now I return her for her kindness. I know I shall never be able to pay Venera back for all good she has done for me, but I’m doing my best. I’m doing my best, dear, right?” – Nikoloz asks her wife smiling.

It is very pleasant to talk to these old people, and our Fund tries to do everything in our power to make their lives easier. We supply them with food products and medicines, for their scanty pension is enough for utility services.

The only thing these wonderful people dream of is a washing machine. It is hard for Mr. Nikoloz to wash by hand, nobody can help him!

We start a charity action to raise funds for purchase of a washing machine! If you have an opportunity to help these nice old people, you can deposit the money onto the account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Family of Chumburidze) or pay directly from our site

Finally, we would like to remind you that old age – is what awaits each of us. Only God knows how it will be.

Do not forget your beloved ones, call your parents more often and always try to remember those of whom nobody else takes care!