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Heartbreaking tragedy of the family of Batiashvili!

January 18, 2017       696
Charity Fund of Chernovetskyi would like to introduce you the bitter story of the family Batiashvili from Tbilisi.
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Charity Fund of Chernovetskyi would like to introduce you the bitter story of the family Batiashvili from Tbilisi.

5 years ago their double joy from birth of the twins turned into double grief for the family… Mother Esenia and father Igor, brother Archil and sister Irina were looking forward to birth of the twins and they couldn’t even imagine that something would go wrong.

Nikoloz and Anastasia were born premature; the babies were put into the unit of intensive care. The doctors have long fought for the lives of children. They managed to save the children, but they had some serious health problems.

Poor Anastasia has Hydrocephalus (abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within the brain), the girl can see nothing, is bedridden and still eats from the bottle.

Nikoloz cannot walk at all. He moves only on his knees, or with the help of the wheel-chair.

“It is just terrible to look at your torturing children without having any means to help them! God forbid that any parents experience it… Anastasia cannot see and doesn’t speak, she cannot even say what troubles her, but just screams from the pain and we do not know what to do!” – says mother Esenia with tears in her eyes, - “And Nick is a good boy, he is a very smart boy, he can read and write, he loves painting and plays chess! He dreams to be able to walk!”

Mother cannot leave Anastasia alone for a minute, and if she has to go out of the room, the older children take care of her sick sister. Even little Nick can sit with her sister and caress her so that she doesn’t cry.

It is difficult to imagine sorrow of the parents, whose children are so sick! And the parents can do nothing due to lack of money! They aren’t even able to feed them regularly!

This family lives in extreme poverty in one-room apartment. Pennies earned by the father, and the meager allowance is hardly enough for medicines for children. The family has no other means… In connection with constant expenses for the medicines and treatment they have spent all their resources, and they hope for help from kind people!

Our Fund cannot stay indifferent to huge grief and misery of the family Batiashvili and calls on to support these unhappy people!  Your even smallest assistance (food products, medicines, hygiene products, children food for Anastasia) will help them to alleviate the suffering and give them hope for the future!

If you have the opportunity to provide financial assistance to helpless little girl and her unhappy family, you can deposit the money onto the account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 Fund (Purpose: Anastasia Batiashvili) or pay directly from our site

To give joy to sick children, to support their parents fighting for their child is a noble action! Let us all together make the lives of these unhappy, innocent children a little easier!

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