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5 girls with sad eyes are waiting for our help!

April 19, 2017       4975
The children do not want to recall this day, they do not speak about their mother at all… and the little one does not even know such a word!
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Project completed!

People who lost every hope for future address Chernovetskyi Fund. The story of large Makharoblidze Family from Tshaltubo which we would like to tell you is extremely sad and bitter.

You can imagine what would feel children whose mother abandoned them. Thisisthewomanwhogavethemlife! She left all of a sudden, not preventing anyone… She just stood up and left… Leaving behind 5 daughters, the youngest of which was 3 months old, and the eldest was 8 years old!

The children do not want to recall this day, they do not speak about their mother at all… and the little one does not even know such a word!

After the mother left, father Mamluk gave up his job and totally dedicated himself to bringing up the daughters and to domestic chores. He cleans, prepares food, and washes clothes. Heevenlearnedhowtoplaitpigtails. The man tries to provide the children with love for two, he tries to make them recall of the mother as seldom as possible. Due to the severe psychological trauma the girls are always sad and it is difficult for them to enter into contact. Even at school they do not socialize with their fellows… Elder girls, 11-year old Monika, 9-year old Mariam and 7-year old Tamara go to school and study well. And the little ones, Tekla and Nino, cannot go to nursery school in bad weather because they do not have shoes and warm clothes.

Mamluk cannot work; the family was left without any means for subsistence; social allowance which is less than 2 lari a day per person is not enough even to buy bread.

“If not for our neighbors – says Mamluk – my daughters would have starved to death long ago”.

Theyliveinanunheatedhouse. Because of humidity there is black mould on the walls which has no remedy. Despite the difficult living conditions, father tries to keep the house clean and tidy. The floor is washed, the children are clean and neatly dressed.

Have a look at the photos, look in to the eyes of these girls, and act as your heart tells you!

We, the Georgian community, are obliged to help these poor children who were left without a mother and without means for subsistence, and to support their selfless father!

For this reason Chernovetskyi Fund initiates a charitable action of fund raising for the large Makharoblidze Family! We urge everyone to join us and to lend them a helping hand! These children are in much need of food, refrigerator, clothes, shoes, school supplies and hygiene products!

If you have a possibility to provide them financial aid, you can transfer money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Makharoblidze Family) or pay directly from our web-site

Although we will not be able to return the mother to these wonderful children, we can make their life easier and give them hope for future!

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