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Merited citizen of Georgia dies in poverty!

Long ago this person was known all over the country. He was respected, praised and his opinion was listened to …
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Long ago this person was known all over the country. He was respected, praised and his opinion was listened to …

Suliko Nikabadze was born in Partshanakebi village 1939; he studied, worked, served at the army; since 1966 he was the director of physical culture school and played for Torpedo football team of Kutaisi city. Then during many years he worked as a coach and trained more than one good football player. Many things happened in his life; he did much good for his country and for his favorite city.

He became famous when he was very young, and then he was forgotten by everyone…

Several years ago Mr. Suliko’s wife died, he lost the only close person. Due to the stress he went blind… The only soulmate who left was his old lonely sister who suffers from a nasty form of multiple sclerosis.

They do their best to take care of each other, but every day it becomes more and more difficult and unbearable…

They can hardly move; they even are unable to prepare food… They just sit close, talk, cry, recall how happy they used to be, how many people visited their house… And now they are totally lonely; weeks go by and no one recalls of them.

They are ashamed of addressing anyone for help, Suliko says, but no way out has left… 

In our small country there are many such ruined destinies. While they are healthy, physically strong, and able to provide benefit – everyone needs them, but as soon as they fall ill, become old and feeble, everyone forgets about them.

Dear friends, we ask you to lay aside all your important affairs, and to have a look at the photos of the old people. Try to see their eyes full of tears and pain… Unfortunately many of them have already departed from this world in total poverty, but still we have a chance to take care of those who are still alive, and who need our help most of all!

“Previously it seemed to me that I don’t have time to do everything, that life is short, and now I understand that it lasts endlessly when you are ill and lonely… But I’ve already accepted it, as nothing is eternal... But still, I would like to live the last years as a worthy man, not as a dog that was left in the street”.

We have nothing to add here; it is a heartfelt cry of a miserable lonely person, of an old man who dedicated his whole life to the country!

For sure, you can imagine the whole horror and hopelessness of the situation in which Mr. Suliko and his sister found themselves!

If you live not far away and if you would like to visit these senior people, you would give them invaluable help. Assist them in cleaning the house; bring them a hot dinner… In such a way you will save life of two senior people doomed to death!

We urge all sympathetic and empathic people: if you have a possibility to anyhow facilitate the destiny of these poor old people, you can transfer money to buy food, hygiene products and two beds to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Suliko Nikabadze) or pay directly from the Fund web-site

Let us be kind to our old people giving an example to our children, as we will grow old soon as well.