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How much does a child's life in Georgia cost ...

Only who was in such a situation would understand the whole heartbreaking grief because of the illness of his child...
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How much costs a child’s life in Georgia…

Over the years of existence of Chernovetskyi Fund we have heard many heartbreaking stories… and at times we thought that it could not be worse, but the things that happened to young 24-year old mother Kristina are just shocking…

On 28th April her only 7-year old daughter, beautiful Nino, felt sick. She had a headache. The pain was so strong that they called an ambulance. By the time the team of doctors arrived, Nino went faint. The diagnosis was horrible – the little girl had blood-stroke! It happens very rarely: there have been registered only isolated cases of blood-stroke with children in the world. The case is inoperable, and the doctors do not recommend transportation of the child from inpatient facility… The only thing which can help is staying at hospital with artificial respirator. It will take time for the young organism to recover itself! 

Only who was in such a situation would understand the whole heartbreaking grief because of the illness of his child. More than a month has passed, and still when looking at her daughter the mother does not believe that it is happening to her…

It is still something unreal for the mother to visit her own child at resuscitation department packed with some tubes and connected to life-supporting appliance.

As before this Nino had never been sick, she used to be a strong and independent girl, she even took care of her mother when she had flu. Kristina and Nino have a special connection, the difference in their age is just 16 years… they grew up together… they are more than just a mother and a daughter for each other…

There are things which could be understood only by parents. To be a parent means that your heart beats not only for you, but for your child as well, that there is something more important in the world than your own life.

Any mother would give her life for her child. Kristina would not object giving her life for her daughter, but unfortunately this would not help, they need money… It is necessary to pay enormous money for each day of hospitalization…

Nino is connected to a life-supporting appliance. Now it is her life… Now she lives in such a way… And one day of the child’s life costs – 600 lari! Public ensurance expired on 1st June – on the International Children’s Day… On the bright holiday of the angel Nino…

What is the price of all our congratulations and celebrations of these days if we cannot save a life of one angel-like soul?

We initiate a fund raising action for Nino. Staying at the hospital till complete recovery is vitally important for her!

If you have a possibility to provide financial help, you can transfer the money to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Nino Nozadze) or pay directly from web-site

If the money is credited from abroad, use the following accounts:

IVAN: GE64BG0000000470458000
Beneficiary's Bank: BANK OF GEORGIA

Whatever would you try to imagine about how the mother whose child is struggling with death feels like, multiply this by billions of times – and even that would not be enough.