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Mother and her son are on the edge of life and death

70-year old Rosa Gogolashvili, is a nurse by profession, but she can hardly take care of herself and her seriously ill bedridden son.
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If everyone does something good to the extent of his abilities, the abilities of the good will become endless. By helping people in need and misery, by soothing their sufferings we follow the God's commandment about love.

70-year old Rosa Gogolashvili, beneficiary of Chernovetskyi Fund, is a nurse by profession, but she can hardly take care of herself and her seriously ill bedridden son.

It is very difficult for her even to clean the apartment as the poor woman has a sick heart.

The light-structure hut on the outskirts of the city where Gogolashvili Family lives is so dilapidated that it can hardly be called a dwelling. It does not have elementary conveniences, and the walls are covered with mold since long ago. It becomes extremely unbearable in winter. They do not have a heating stove, and it is unsupportable for a woman with a sick heart. When it rains it becomes dangerous staying there: water floods from everywhere, and it is even impossible to walk on concrete floor.

A couple of shaky beds, a broken table and two barely vertical chairs is all the property and all the "wealth" of the family.

It was very impactful for the family when the doctors gave a horrible diagnosis to the son, and what even worse, he lost use of his legs.  Rosa often falls into despair; she cries of hopelessness... But she knows: that won't mend matters. If she cannot, nobody would take care of her son. There would be no one even to give him a glass of water. All her thoughts are directed to her son, as admit it, a suffering child is a big sorrow for his mother. And it becomes even worse when you cannot help him.  For this reason she does not completely fall into despair and hopes for help of good people.

We address you with a request to provide the family of Roza Gogolashvili any help you can, whatever, be it furniture items, especially beds, a fridge, a stove, hygiene products, medicines and food.

If you have a financial possibility, you can transfer an amount for purchasing vitally important medicines and hygiene products to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Rosa Gogolashvili, Home Care Program) or directly from our Fund web-site

Remember, it is never too late to learn compassion and love. Charity is a form in which love to the Father is manifested, and without love human loses the meaning of life and connection with the God!


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