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fate turned the life of a mom into living hell

Shorena is paralyzed; she is even unable to raise her hand. For days she stares straight before herself with her cold eyes.
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This is a sad story which happened two years ago in Batumi, and it would touch everyone. It penetrates deep into your soul and raises the feeling of some special compassion and sympathy...

Shorena Kontselidze is 30 years old. This young woman is bedridden in a very bad condition, on the verge of death. And a couple of years ago nothing told what could go wrong. A happy married couple, a little daughter, work, journeys, friends, relatives... But the ill fate lurked in the darkness of night and turned the life of a beautiful woman into a mere hell...

Shorena was pregnant; they were waiting for the second child... In the evening they went for a walk to take a breath of fresh air; they were thinking of a name for the future child. In the dark street a driver did not notice the people crossing the road and hit them with his car. Shorena's husband managed to jump away by a miracle, and the whole power of the hit was taken by the young woman. The impact wave beat her away and down to the ground. Shorena hit her head against the stone surface... The taxi driver ran out of the car and started stopping cars to take the injured woman to the hospital...

Later the doctors made a verdict that Shorena would not live. The young organism did not want to surrender, Shorena struggled with death... She was in coma when her daughter was taken to her, when she petted her mom and asked her to go home. It was the hardest moment for the whole family... To wait and to have nothing to hope for... By God's will Shorena survived!

Today she is completely paralyzed; she is even unable to raise her hand. For days she stares straight before herself with her cold eyes, and when she has fits she cries and moans with pain. Over the two years of suffering Shorena also had numerous diseases of internal organs and horrible sores on her skin...

Her retired mother is bed-sitting her. She is almost tearing apart between the ill daughter and the granddaughter.

Meko, the four-year old girl, sits all days long next to her mom's bed. She kisses her and believes that her mom will recover soon, as when her mom kissed her when the little girl was ill, all the pain somehow disappeared...

When Shorena has fits, Meko runs away to another room and starts singing loudly, not to hear the cries and shouts of her mom...

The family of Shorena Kontselidze is socially unprotected. A tiny social allowance and a pension is hardly enough for bread. And Shorena needs expensive medicines, hygiene products, say nothing of blood transfusions and other necessary medical treatments.

If we do not manage to help now, this young woman will die soon of the unbearable pain.

Dear friends, we can extend her life, we can provide her as much help as we are able to, and soothe her condition at least a little... Who knows, maybe it is our sincere help that will help her come back to conscious and understand the dearest word "mom" pronounced by her dearest child!

Dear friends, if you have a possibility to provide assistance to this poor young woman and to soothe her suffering, the money for buying medicines, hygiene products and rehabilitation procedures can be transferred to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Shorena Kontselidze) or pay from our web-site

You can as well transfer money through terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in the Charity Section.

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The amount of kindness in a person shows the amount of life within him!

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