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She can not survive the winter

When physical suffering is aggravated by poverty and domestic problems, it is doubly difficult.
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From illnesses and accidents, no one is immune, but when physical suffering is aggravated by poverty and everyday problems, it is doubly hard. However, no matter what happens in life, the main thing is not to lose heart and believe in kind people who will not stand aside and help in a difficult moment ...
A resident of Tbilisi, Rimma Ghazaryan, did not have a personal life and a career, but with age many illnesses made themselves felt: she was amputated with a leg because of diabetes, and then she completely lost her sight and for several years had been bedridden. An elderly woman takes care of her daughter-the mother of three young children, who has to "tear" between her children and a lying sick mother.
The Kazarian family lives in a half-ruined barrack with rotten floor and holes in the ceiling. From the cracks in the walls the wind blows, and from the ceiling at the rain water flows like a bucket. The house has almost no furniture. There are only two beds for five - Rimma is on one, and 4 people sleep on the second.
Material need, hunger and cold choke this family. A scanty pension and social benefits are not enough for basic nutrition and medicines. Because of non-payment of public utilities, families often turn off light and gas ... Children are often undernourished, because of frequent colds and lack of warm clothes, they are forced to skip school.
Friends, we encourage people who are not indifferent to help this family, extend a helping hand to it and inspire hope! If you have the desire and opportunity, then you can transfer funds for buying beds, bed linen, food and medicine to the account of our Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Rimma Ghazaryan) or pay directly from the Fund's website https: // com / projects /
You can also donate money from fast payment terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Go to the "Charity" section and select our Foundation.
In the inner world of man, kindness is the sun!


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