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December 8, 2017
Elena Kelekhsashvili dreams of a small Christmas tree.
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$ 16.5
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Project completed!
For the children of our orphanages, just a few years ago, the limit of their dreams was an ordinary piece of bread, a sip of lemonade and not to live in the cold and not to be beaten at home… Yes, indeed, before we took care of them, these children had survived many bitter years, full of sadness, darkness and childhood fears... Of course, they did not have any presents, toys and sweets, even could not think about a Christmas tree, that they had never seen before. Fortunately, the hard times have already been finished and the Christmas holiday with its attributes including gift have become a habitual thing for them and we are very happy that we have the opportunity to give them our love, warmth, comfort, well-being, education and most importantly – keys to life! New Year's holidays are not far off. So, our children have written to Santa Claus a letter about their desires and dreams and now they are looking forward to get presents. All children’s desires of are absolutely real! It's just necessary to try and help them with joint efforts, give them a feeling of a New Year's holiday and fun that will fill their hearts with warmth and faith in miracles!