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I live to always burn a candle on my daughters grave

79-year-old Nari Toria, a woman with a tragic fate in whose life unhappiness follows one after another. Now she lives completely alone.
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Loneliness is probably the worst thing thatit can happen to a person. There are so many unfortunate and abandoned, forgotten and destroyed people in our country.

79-year-old Nari Toria is a woman with a tragic fate.Misfortunes follow one after another in her life. Now she lives completely alone.

Everything began in the terrible for our country the 1990, when she had to leave her native Abkhazia region and become a refugee in her own country. Her family settled in a dilapidated building of the former paper factory in the city of Zugdidi, where she experienced many bitter moments in her life.

A few years after the expulsion, her husband diedof heart disease, and three years ago her daughter died of cancer. 24-year-old young girl, passed away without having a family.She was Nari’s the only daughter. 

The elderly woman remained completely alone. "My life has turned into a nightmare, but I live in order to light a candle  on my daughter's grave, - says Nari Toria. I live on the verge of life and death and my only consolation is the image of my daughter. I often sit down in front of the fhoto and talk to it like a living person”.

She lives in the terrible conditions – the old woman can not to heat a little room. Dampness and absence of heatermake her life unbearable, but Nari has to endure. Cold and almost hungry life led to a deterioration in her health: high blood pressure, chronic arrhythmia, rheumatism and other diseases literally torment the lonely old woman. Pains in her heart more and more become terrible. And this is not surprising on the background of her misfortunes.

A scanty pension and a social allowance is barely enough to buy some bread and medicines. She can not also have a simple electric heater…because in that case she will not be able to buy candles for the grave of her daughter.

She has to earn extra money ... Yes, yes! When the heartache recedes even a little, she gets to the nearest private plantation and collects laurel  leaves , for which she is paid 5 GEL in a day. But, and this happens very rarely, because health does not allow to work often.

This woman lives in tears that do not dry out on her face/ Often she goes to her daughter's grave, cries and spends the whole day there. 

Friends, if you have a desire to help this unfortunate old woman in the purchase of products, medicines and heating stoves, you can transfer the funds to our GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (destination: Toriya Nari) account or pay from our website ge / projects /.

You can also deposit money from terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In the "charity" section, find our foundation.

(You can find the payment methods by clicking the link https: // goo. Gl / GY2Gus)

May everyone be rewarded according to his deeds! God help you!

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