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Give the Easter holiday indigent elderly!

Easter for Orthodox believers is the main event of the year, it's a joy that We want to share with everyone, and first of all with grandparents
Project completed!
On the threshold is the brightest day in the calendar, this is the long-awaited holiday of Easter!
It has already become a good tradition on the eve of the Bright Resurrection to announce a charity event for lonely old people who badly need human warmth and attention.
Easter for Orthodox believers is the main event of the year, it's a joy that I want to share with everyone, and first of all, with grandparents!
We regretfully have to state that many of our beneficiaries of the Home Care program who live on their tiny pension can not always get vital medicines and food. And about how to afford Easter cake and dyed eggs, they do not even dream!
How sad it is to celebrate!
But, we are deeply convinced that your attention and concern for grandparents who have been left alone will warm their soul, brighten their faces with smiles, give a holiday! You have already proved time and again that you can work miracles, that you can become a grandfather frost for unfortunate orphans, that you can become an angel guardian for seriously ill children, you have become a good wizard for large families on the verge of death!
And now we ask you to do a good Christian act, and become a ray of light for the lonely and bedridden infirm old people!
We begin a charitable action to raise funds for the purchase of the Easter set. We want to have Easter cake and painted eggs, fruits and other sweets, as well as pasta, cereals, oil on their table on this Bright Holiday.
The cost of one such set is only 10 lari. Agree, this is a very small amount in order to please these disadvantaged people on this Bright Holiday!
Our action carries a very important message for those who can help those in need, those who find themselves in a difficult situation, who need it more than TOTAL.
If your soul is inclined to charity and compassion, if you have a desire to present to our elderly single beneficiaries of the Easter Festival, then you can transfer the funds to the account of our Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Easter gifts). You can also transfer money directly through the website of our Foundation
 You can also donate money through the fast payment terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Go to the "Charity" section and select our Fund. (You can find the payment methods by clicking on the link https: // goo. Gl / GY2Gus.
Let this truly good Christian act become a weighty addition to your sincere prayers and pure thoughts! The Lord helps you and leads you through life!

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