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"I would like to die to give a hug to my parents"

65-year old Eugeniy Vadakaria is bedridden and miserable.
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He used to act in films and plays, and was a speaker at radio programs... Today 65-year old Eugeniy Vadakaria is bedridden and miserable. After the blood-stroke he cannot move his right hand, his legs are paralyzed, his liver often fails, heart aches, and his severe cough literally turns him inside out. 

Horrible misery in which lives the ex-popular radio speaker astonishes with its hopelessness and severity. Eugeniy dwells in a single room on the ground floor of Khrushchev-era apartments in unbelievable havoc. Darkness, lack of sanitary, sultriness - there is just nobody to open the window and air the room! It is painfully bitter that friends and relatives abandoned a weak and helpless person. The door of his apartment is never shut, as he hopes that maybe someone would come over and gives him a glass of water or a loaf of bread.

"I would like to die to see my parents, to give them a kiss and a hug... One of my brothers died, another one is alive but not in Georgia, and over and above he is blind... So now I am totally alone and useless. I have been living in such a condition for already 6 years and my pension hardly suffices for bread and medicines. Could one call this a life? This is mere suffering," - says 65-year old radio speaker hardly holding back from tears.

The life of Evgeniy Vadakaria cannot continue in such a way. If he is not helped now, if he is not given a feeling that he is remembered and that there are people who are ready to take care of him, the day when the heart of this cheerful and talented person will stop is very close. We shall not tolerate this!   

Dear friends, Evgeniy Vadakaria needs medicines, food and hygiene products in the first place. And he also needs a word of encouragement!

Yes, when one person sympathizes with another he lets the other's pain pass through him. Even if it is impossible to help by actions, we should help with words. It is really worth doing! 

If you have a willing to help Evgeniy, you can transfer the money to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Evgeniy Vadakaria). You can as well transfer money through our Fund website

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