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"It looks like my legless life is approaching its en

Zurab Karsaulidze has been bedridden for already 4 years. His lower limbs were amputated; he is a disabled person of group I.
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65 years is not an age for a man to be considered old. However, the fate did not show mercy to this laborious man who had been working to support his family for the whole life.

Zurab used to work as a lathe operator at the railway hub, he repaired rails. This work is rather difficult and maybe it was the reason of his illness. In 2015 he was diagnosed with atherosclerotic gangrene and the doctors had to cut off his right leg. Unfortunately, his illness progressed and several months ago he lost his second leg. This is how sad Zurab's life is. Now he totally depends on other people's help. Thankfully there are people ready to assist, but the difficult material situation in his life prevents him from receiving decent treatment.

The thing is that Zurab's wife, Mariam, is tearing apart between two ill people. Their daughter, 32 year old Inga, is deaf-mute from her birth and is often sick. Mariam cannot leave her husband and daughter even for a while, and such continuous tension reminded of itself, weakening the health of the 60-year old woman.

"It looks like my legless life is approaching its ending. Every day I pray God to assuage my sorrows and to help my wife in her burden. I pray God to make the life of my daughter easier, as a father I am deeply unhappy with her lot…", - says Zurab with tears in his eyes.

Karsaulidze family does not have any income, save the pension. These people cannot afford nutritious food and expensive medicines.

Presently Zurab acutely needs food, hygienic products and medicines. God save anyone from feeling the pain of this man. In the first place, this is emotional stress because of his helplessness and predestination.

Dear friends, let us join our efforts to soothe the general condition of Zurab and to give him a hope. Imagine how happy he will be when he feels your assistance, attention and charity. It is worth doing! Be kind and lend him a helping hand!

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