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Grandmother struggling for her grandson's life

It has been already 2 years since 21-year old Shota Vartumashvili has been bedridden. He was injured in a car accident and by now he has been unconscious.
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Great Ilya Chavchadze wrote: "Remember, there is not only paper, but conscience as well"!

Is it possible that at the Social Service Agency they do not realize the misery which exists in Vartumashvili family?! Apart from material need there is enormous mental pain crossing the human life with a red line!

It has been already 2 years since 21-year old Shota Vartumashvili has been bedridden. He was injured in a car accident and by now he has been unconscious. His body is paralyzed; he has a number of fractures; there is a tube installed in his throat and a PVC compound in his skull.

Shota's father died several years ago, and his mother is a disabled person of group I: her brain cells are damaged and presently she stays at her relatives. 80-year old grandmother is looking after the young man, and she is in total despair. She can hardly believe that her beloved grandson is on the verge of death; and the fact that she is not able to provide him with decent treatment due to the material need just kills the poor old lady.

"Almost a year ago they cancelled the social allowance. I visited them but without exit… They told me that I had plots of land and that allowance is not supposed to be given… How do they think an 80-year old woman could cultivate farmland? I'd rather let them take these plots and restore the allowance, to help my grandson at least somehow", - says Tamara Vartumashvili.

This old lady has sold all her belongings. She had no other way to find money to pay to the doctors. Shota needs 24/7 medical care which costs 50 lari per day. The medicines are so expensive that she cannot afford them. And the sick grandson has convulsions without these medicines.

"If it was not for the good people, we would have died already…A couple of months ago the room was caught by fire; everything burnt to ashes. Thank goodness, neighbors helped to repair the room… "My heart cannot stand it anymore, it will stop soon… Sometimes I feel like drowning myself, but who will look after my poor grandson"? - Says Tamara Vartumashvili.

Dear friends, this family living in Akhalsopeli village of the Goriysk region is in great need. The old lady and her sick grandson are living thanks to charity from good people. Shota needs medicines, diapers and lavage tubes.  His granny's pension suffices only for bread not to die of hunger, and the social allowance has been suspended, as we said above.

If you have a willing and a possibility to lend a helping hand to these poor people, you can transfer money to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Shota Vartumashvili) or pay directly from our website

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