Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

My life depends on God and on good people!

Have you ever wondered how one can change a person's life in an instant?
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4 years ago the life of Valerian Sagliani radically changed, when by accident he fell out of the second-floor balcony and seriously injured his spinal column. Since then, formerly active Valerian is lying in bed and cannot do almost anything without help of other people. He can neither tuck in his blanket, nor drink a glass of water… 

Before the accident he was a wood carver. He invested all his love in this woodcraft. His works are kept in the Cathedral Church of the Hole Trinity. After the tragedy the family had to sell everything earned in years! This is how they found themselves in a rented apartment. The family has a status of socially unprotected people. The tiny social allowance is not enough even for living, and nothing is left for the necessary medicines. Valerian suffers of terrible pain, insomnia, bed sores and trophic ulcers, and sometimes his condition worsens so much that he requires hospitalization.

Your assistance is very important to improve Valerian's condition, it is really vital! 

If you have a possibility to provide material assistance, you can deposit money for medicines, hygiene products and food to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Valerian Sagliani) or pay directly from web-site

You can as well transfer money through terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the ways of payment by following the link