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Gifts for birthday

give the kids warmth and joy together!
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Dear friends, probably you have noticed that from time to time we give you a chance to personally participate in congratulating foster children of our three Children's Homes with Birthdays. It has already become a good tradition which does not leave untouched many of our compatriots. And we are sincerely glad to know it!

In August 4 of our foster kids have birthdays. They are looking forward to it! Dear friends, we cannot change the world, but we can change the life of these little angels! We are sure that you will be glad to have provided joyful moments to our birthday celebrants.

You should know that somewhere nearby there are children for whom it is vitally important to know that they are not out of place in this world!


Sabina Kachkachuri is a very shy girl. She is modest and cheerful; she likes her friends and respects the adult. She was born on July 31, 2002. Sabina has been out foster child for 5 years. She has changed so much over these years: she is a real beauty now… 

Nobody expected her to do so well in studies, but she did her best to finish 9 grades, and now she would like to enter a college. She dreams of becoming a manager. We take every effort to make her dream come true. We support all her aspirations!

On her birthday our girl wants to receive a bottle of perfume. This really "girlish" present will give joy to her little heart. 

Mzia Gogolauli has been living in the small family-type home since it was open – for 6 years already. She is very friendly and helpful to her friends. Mzia adores cooking and is very good in culinary. 

On August 18 she has her birthday. Mzia is dreaming of a culinary book to prepare various tasty things for her friends according to all the rules!

On August 27 our dear boy, Beka Kelekhsashvili will be 10! He was only 5 when he was brought to us. He was frightened and self-reserved… Over these years he has turned into a real knight – kind, sympathetic and helpful. He likes challenges!  Beka is very laborious and responsible. He likes cooking and dreams to become a chef. 

Despite that Beka behaves as an adult and is a support for his friends, he is a little boy in his soul, dreaming of a large toy car… 

We cannot leave his wish without attention!

Elena Gabaidze will be 13 years old on 25 August! She is not a little girl with tears in her eyes anymore, she is a gay and kind person interested in everything in the world! Any heart would be heated with her warmth and love. In our Fund we call her a cuddling girl! She is a personification of everything positive! She is dreaming of a rucksack for a long time. It will make her even happier!

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