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Children are crying for help!

I pray to God that my son overcomes this disease, but I understand that the child needs to be treated. But there is no way to find money.
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Socially unprotected family Okudzhava lives in the city of Poti. The parents of these wonderful four children come from Abkhazia. More precisely, they are refugees who were forced to leave their homes in 1993. 

This family is in great need of money: the children are often malnourished; they wear rags, do not have their own roof over their heads, and do not have enough money for simple medicines…

The mother of these children, Nino Zurabiani, is doing her best to support the family, feed the children and take care of her husband, who suffers from eye disease, has poor vision and is unable to work.     

"I got married being a refugee; my husband is also a refugee. Despite the severity of refugee life, at first we lived happily and amicably, my husband worked, and I took care of the children. But after the birth of the fourth son, everything changed for the worse. One-year-old child was diagnosed with epilepsy. Meanwhile, the husband fell ill, began to see badly, and had to quit his job. And we remained without any income, living only with meager refugee allowance ," says Nino Zurabiani. 

The oldest boy Guram is 14 years old; Saba is 13; David is 11; and the youngest Gabriel is 4 years old. Due to the lack of material resources, the parents cannot take the child to Tbilisi for a full examination and local doctors are cannot determine the exact form of the epileptic disease. As a result, the child suffers terribly from seizures, and unfortunately, there is no treatment. 

"I pray to God that my son overcomes this disease, but I understand that the child needs to be treated. But there is no way to find money. I do not sleep at night, being constantly "on guard", expecting a seizure to start. If I oversleep, something irreparable can happen," – says the mother of the child, Nino Zurabiani. 

This family does not have its own house, and was sheltered by good relatives. Since 2010 the Ministry for Refugees has been promising to allocate them an apartment, but things are still where they started: the promises remain to be promises. 

Dear friends, the Okudzhava Family needs our help! We can help them together. At this stage, the boys need proper nutrition, and the youngest one needs medication for epilepsy. Do not grudge money, be merciful! Let God help you. 

If you have a willing to provide financial help to the Okudzhava Family, you can transfer the amount to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Okudzhava family) or pay directly from our web-site

You can as well transfer money through terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the ways of payment by following the link https://goo. gl/GY2Gus).

Kindness always irradiates warmth and joy; it warms up human souls and hearts!

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