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Horrible decline of life

This elderly woman often goes hungry. She even has no one to file a glass of water. She is in dire despair and spends all her days in sorrow and longing.
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91-year old Eladi Dumbadze leads her last years in extreme poverty! Hunger, freezing cold, lack of sanitary conditions, misery, horrible household conditions – unfortunately, all this has become an inseparable part of her life, or existence, to put it correctly! 

She lives in a rickety hut without water or heating, with earthen floor, cracked walls, crumbling ceiling, windows covered with plastic film, rusty tableware and furniture full of holes. 

This old woman is often hungry. There is nobody even to give her a glass of water. She is desperate and lives her days in grief and misery. 

Eladi Dumbadze used to receive monthly allowance from the government in the amount of 60 lari, but recently her allowance was cut by 10 lari, and the social worker did not even explain why. 

We visited the Khidistavi village in Chokhaturi Region and noted down her story. 

"My husband died in 1984. It was a great shock for me, but I endured it. I managed all the problems and brought my son all by myself, - tells Eladi Dumbadze. He created his own family, and was taking care of me… We lived as any other people do, but one horrible day he felt bad, fainted and fell down. He survived a brain attack which then occurred twice again. How he is 72 years old, he is bedridden and in much need. He has no money for medicines; his family is often starving. They live only with his pension. I am very worried with his condition. Could it be that he would have the same old years as I do?!"

Another tragedy occurred in the family of Eladi Dumbadze. Her grandson who worked at a building site and earned the living of his family fell from a high point, injured his spine and became disabled. His is a disabled person of group I now. "No one knows how I am worried about them. My heart is bleeding. I pray God to help my son and grandson recover. I do not think of myself any more… Yes, and I am often starving. For example, recently a stray dog broke in through the veneer door and ate all the food which I had for a week. This is how I live… If one could call it a life…", - says Eladi Dumbadze.

Dear friends, we saw indeed a horrible picture which cannot but invoke pain and compassion! This old lady living her last days in total misery can leave us any moment. Let us show mercy and help her. Let us soothe her sufferings, extend her life, give her food and warmth. We believe in your kindness! 

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 Even the smallest help can be life-saving for someone! 

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